5 Things to Instantly Make Your Cubicle Very Cool

I’m willing to wager that you are in desperate need of a cubicle makeover. Why? Because why not? Don’t you spend over eight hours a day inside the confinements of your cubicle? Did I just hear you grunt? I’ll take that as a yes. What you need then are some fun and practical toys for your cubicle.

Because we truly care for you here at CareerAddict (or maybe we just like the toys too), we’ve done the hard work and found the top 5 items you should have in your cubicle. All you need now is your credit card.

Let the shopping begin!

Faux-Grass Pen Holder

If you are like me, you’ve tried, time and time again, to keep a plant alive, you’ve probably even googled the damn thing, but alas, the plant has died every single time.

And though you’d love a splash of green in your work area, you’d never bring a plant to work -why would you voluntarily give your colleagues a reason to mock you?

This is why a faux-grass pen holder is useful. It’s a plant, that can’t be killed, (hey, is it like a white walker if it can’t be killed?); it’s practical –what do you mean you never use pens at work? - and it’s awesome looking.

Get it here.

Hermione Figurine

I’ll admit this is borderline creepy, but it’s for the Potterheads amongst you (I sure hope that that includes all of you). So, imagine if you had to work with Hermione –that is, if she was a real life person and not a fictional character (my psychotherapist insists I clarify this every time I mention Hermione, that’s because it took her a couple of months to figure out that I don’t have a friend called Hermione in real life)- wouldn’t it be awesome? What do you mean she’d be as annoying as know-it-all Mary in accounting?

Anywho, this figurine is awesome, it’ll help motivate you and make you as productive as a bee. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to provide you with any answers to copy.

Get it here.

Mini Henry Hoover

It’s like a Henry, but mini! Awesome? I know!

You can now let the germaphobic within you roam free. Plus, you can now eat your snacks without having to worry about breadcrumbs too much. Henry’ll pick them up for you.

I wonder if you’ll have to lend other people your Henry, or if everyone will want to get their own? Hmm

Get it here.

Self-stirring Mug

Has your boss refused to pay someone to go from cubicle to cubicle every hour or so to stir people’s coffees and teas? That’s probably because he has a self-stirring mug, yes that’s right, a self-stirring mug. A mug that makes tea-spoons obsolete.

The self-stirring mug requires only the press of a button to easily stir in cream and sugar, making it that much harder to waste your time by idly stirring your coffee every afternoon.

Get it here.

Lego-Puzzle Calendar

Yes, there is such a thing! This is for the people who love Lego and enjoy striking off days on their calendar. The lego-puzzle calendar will not only satisfy that need/pleasure, but it will also make each passing day feel like a game.

Also, you will get to waste –valuable company- time on the first day of every month when you have to break your lego-puzzle calendar apart, to reconstruct it for the new month.

Get it here.

All you need to make your workday more fun is your cat, but if your company has a strict company policy against bringing your cat to work, the items on the list above will have to do.

Do you keep anything fun in your cubicle? Let us know in the comment section below.