5 Things to Remember When Using Social Automation

Social automation is trending when it comes to posting a variety of content on multiple channels. Making individual posts is time consuming. Many website owners and marketers are switching to automation programs for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few channels. There are a few tricks to this trade though. It isn’t as simple as just setting a time and forgetting about it. The tips below will help you have social automation down pat.

Automate Posts Only

It is quite important to only automate posts. Do not automate ad campaigns, presentations or videos. What makes operating the website even easier is auto posting on your website and having those posts follow on social media channels. This puts up the same content at the same time on all levels. It shows consistency and dedication to your business.

Select the Right Posting Times

Posting at the right time every day is essential to ensure that a larger portion of your audience is seeing the content you are posting. With automation, you don’t have to sit at the computer after hours making posts. This takes time that you could be spending relaxing, spending time with the family or whatever activity you’ve neglected.

The right time of day completely depends on your audience. Install a plug-in on your website that tracks the peak and off-peak times regarding the traffic to your website. This tells you when people are on the website and when it is ideal to schedule automated posts. What you’ll do here is post the most important content at the peak time and items of lesser importance throughout the day if you have more than one piece of content planned for that day.

Schedule Different Types of Posts

Don’t always schedule just informational pieces. Use automation for marketing campaigns, new product introductions and sales as well. Variety is important to consumers. They don’t want to see the same thing every day from a company.

Have a little fun with your audience by sharing memes or funny photos that pertain to the industry your company falls into. This shows that the company is approachable and isn’t afraid of showing a little humour once in a while.

Respond to Questions Personally

Rather than just posting and forgetting about it, interact with your audience. Designate a representative to respond to inquiries, comments and other replies from those visiting the page. It also helps manage and monitor the page. The representative should be able to delete comments that are hugely inappropriate and should respond to negative commentary with professionalism and not a generic response.

Automate Evergreen Content

Evergreen content refers to pieces that will not become outdated. These posts should be automated, especially on social media, because consumers can access them at any time. The information here doesn’t change and is always relevant. All website owners should have evergreen content available. Of course products, trends and services are going to change, but most of the content on a product or service remains the same. Updated content can always be rescheduled and launched again in the future.

Automation is considered as a helper for busy website owners. Each morning, think about what to share with the audience on that particular day. It is okay to automate existing content from time-to-time simply as a reminder of what you do or offer. Try to make sure that a majority of your posts are fresh, relevant pieces and mix it up a bit. Involve the audience as much as possible to help your brand’s online reputation. Once you get a rhythm down and pinpoint the perfect posting times, the whole process is a breeze.

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