5 Things We Should be Thankful For in Our Careers in 2015

There are many signs that you are doing well in life, and there are always things you should be thankful for. These things may be easy to miss but when you make an effort to evaluate your situation you will find out that you are in a better position career wise than you think. But since 2016 is fast approaching, you want to look back on this year and figure out what you have been up to and what you have really made of yourself

To remind you that you are right where you need to be career-wise here is a list of things you should be proud of:

1. You have a job

For starters, you have a job, so I guess you are privileged to a certain degree. You get a paycheck every month and you manage to get by while providing for you and your family. This is definitely something you should be feeling thankful for. But even if you are at the beginning of your career, and you are planning to go freelance, or start your own company you should be satisfied with yourself just for taking the initiative to do so.

2. You have a good boss

If you have a good boss, then you are lucky because not everyone can say that they have a boss whom they get along with. In fact, a recent survey showed that nearly half of employees (about 42 percent) have left their jobs because of a bad boss. So if you have a job, and the boss treats you well, it means you are happy, and they are happy.

3. You have a strong network

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Once you are in, you are in and there is no denying that. If you have a job, it’s easier to make connections. You know people from other departments and they can hook you up with a person who can help you develop your skills, advance your career or do what you want outside the company be it, joining classes or developing a new hobby. Networking is valuable regarding professional development, so you are fortunate enough if you have developed a strong circle of contacts.

4. You work in a cool place

We all know that Google has the coolest work environment and employee benefits, so if you are working for them, you are super lucky. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love your cool job. If where you work you are surrounded by good and positive people then you are way richer than many others out there. A nice working environment is more important than money. It encourages productivity, teamwork and success and as such it’s always good to be working with colleagues who appreciate and respect you.

5. You have the opportunity to develop

Considering that we live in the information age, you have more tools available to use today than in the past, which means you get to develop yourself in multiple ways. Even if you are not currently working, there are many things you can do to challenge yourself every step of the way. The most important thing is that you constantly assess your skills and your knowledge and you are conscious about your professional development.

These things are easy to take for granted, but if you make the effort and pay attention to them for a while, you will realise that there are many things to be thankful for in your career.

Your future is in your own hands, and you can make anything happen. So, what are you planning to do next year as we are preparing to leave  2015 behind? Let me know in the comments section below…