5 Things Worth Investing in to Improve Your Online Business

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If you’re starting your own online business, there are going to be a lot of expenses. You’re going to need to invest in merchandise, pay for a website, cover marketing costs, and the list goes on. But if your goal is to increase revenue and boost sales via your online business, here are a few things worth investing in:

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1. Better Website

No doubt you already have a website, but how easy is it to use, how professional does it look, and does it have its own domain? If you want your online business to flourish, you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to find exactly what they want. It’s worth investing in a website re-design or upgrade to ensure that the website is as streamlined and user-friendly as possible.

2. Server/Private Hosting

How much traffic does your website receive on a daily basis? Chances are; more than your current server is able to handle. This may lead to your website running too slowly, and you could end up crashing the server if you get more traffic. In order to accommodate the increase in traffic you are expecting (fingers crossed!), it’s a good idea to invest either in your own server or in private hosting for your website. These options are both more expensive, but they will ensure that your website won’t slow down or have problems when your web traffic increases.

3. Website Security

You may already have some security for your website, but how secure is it? Can you say with 100 percent confidence that your site has never been hacked, and you’ve never had a data leak? Some of the largest websites in the world have, and they had top-quality security. It’s time to upgrade your website security so you can be certain that you are offering your customers only the best for their private information. It’s only when customers feel safe on your website that they will actually purchase what you have to offer.

4. Customer Support

What do you use to offer your clients top-quality customer service/support? Do you just have a person to answer emails and chat with clients who are having problems, or do you have a proper customer support system set up? If not, it may be worth spending a bit of money on it! That way, your customers know that they are getting not just a great product, but also quality service. Zendesk is an excellent tool to help you streamline your customer service, and it is easily integrated into your current website’s back-end to help you improve your customer care now!

5. Sales/Marketing

The best way to increase your company’s sales is by improving your marketing efforts. MailChimp is a tool that will allow you to market to your current email list, and HubSpot will help you figure out how best to optimize your current marketing efforts. Velocify is a sales management tool that will help you convert current leads into proper sales, track your performance, and improve your sales all around.

These tools will help to increase your online business’ chance for success, and will make you a better, more effective company!

Got any other things you’d recommend small businesses invest in? Leave a comment and let us know…





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