5 Things your Audience Wants to Know About you

When building a thriving blog, the first thing many writers want to know is how to grow a decent reader base. The trick to that is to both understand the reader, and to understand yourself.                               

By properly explaining what you have experienced, and providing easily understood material based off of it, you will create a welcoming environment for your readers. They will learn a great deal, and appreciate the content provided.

Take great care to utilize the simplest language possible, and to never exaggerate your own experiences. The plain, unvarnished truth can go a long way to convincing readers to trust you, and to return later to read subsequent articles.

What challenges have you faced?

People read articles not to find out what has gone right, but to learn from the mistakes of others. They want to know about the problems you have faced in your life, and how it impacts you to this day. We all enjoy reading tender stories about overcoming challenges; use this to gain a place of prominence in the minds of your audience.

For instance, if you run an economics blog then your problems finding work is of note. You can craft articles detailing job-hunting strategies and basic premiers on creating unique resumes that will stand out to hiring managers.

How can you help me in my life?

People are looking for solutions to their own problems. The vast majority of honest web searches are from people looking to find the solution to one specific issue, be it personal or environmental. People are looking for ways to change the oil in their car, or to help a child sleep at night.

When you craft an article, make it clear how you intend to help with a specific problem. If you have exceptional automotive experience, you may state that and include articles designed to help people learn how to perform basic automotive maintenance.

What have you learned from your experiences?

Handling difficult situations is something that few people can do without outside assistance. As a society, we have grown interdependent on each other for everything from gardening advice to job hunting.

Utilize your experiences in crafting unique content that readers will find useful. Material based upon your own experiences will have a greater impact on readers than generic step-by-step guides. They want to know why something works, and the issues that may crop up during the process.

For instance, if you are growing a garden and had to import ladybugs, state why you had to do so. Were you swarmed with aphids? Do your children enjoy seeing the insects?

How did you overcome your challenges?

Nothing goes perfectly in life. You can make a round trip drive clear across the continent without a single problem, only to get a flat tire ten miles from home. Tell people what challenges you have faced, and give clear advice on how to overcome them. People want solutions. Provide it to them, and they will keep coming back for more.

What are you going to tell me?

Readers want to know what they are about to read. Clearly identified and presented information will help garner greater interest, and form an excellent reader/blogger relationship. When creating headlines and introduction blurbs, remember that the more concise you can describe something, the better it is.

This extends to every part of the site. Make sure the reader understands what they are looking at, by using simple language that has been boiled down to the most basic of parts.

Finally, remember to have fun and concentrate on creating content that will bring a smile to the faces of your readers.




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