5 Tips to Researching a Company's Culture

Work is a multifaceted almost abstract concept; co-workers, responsibilities and the overall office environment contribute to job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Sure, the complete lack of a meerkat enclosure might be a little discerning but if the company culture fits; it probably won’t be a deal breaker…although having a meerkat enclosure does help employee retention.

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So, how to find out if the company culture fits you? Here are five (sadly non-meerkat related) tips.

1. Almighty Holder of Knowledge


In our favorite series/movies based on fictional medieval eras (with dragons!) there are usually a few sage people with long white beards that have a bottomless well of knowledge that they impart on those whom seek it. Because real life sucks compared to the fictional universes we love, our wise white bearded sage is a little box with the word Google emblazoned over it. The first step to figuring out if a company’s corporate culture fits you is to go to Google and research the company that you are interested in. Using Boolean Searching you can even enter the company’s name you’re interested to work for and “AND” meerkat enclosure to see which business offer that, too!

2. More Resources

A great place to gauge previous and current employees’ perspectives on the company is This will give you a valuable insight on the corporation’s culture; I researched Google in the link above and the reviews showed me that the company allows you to set up your own schedule creating a nice work-life balance, it offers free food to the employees but at the same time the scope and size of the company makes some feel like they aren’t contributing in a significant way. I still have no further information about Google’s availability of a meerkat enclosure.

3. Stalking

Yes, you read that right! Stalk the people in charge and see what tone their interviews have, what their priorities and stance on progress is. LinkedIn is a great place to start your stalking as there is a lot of information regarding your person of interest’s professional life. For example, I search for John Hammergren the 131.2 million dollar annually salaried CEO of McKesson Corporation. I found out that he has been with the company for 20 years (of course he has I mean he gets paid 131.2 million dollars a year) that during his tenure he has tripled the corporation’s revenues and that he has expanded the company to global markets. We can assume from that information that Mr. Hammergren is a results obsessed ball-buster with a complete lack of appreciation for meerkat shenanigans…a disgustingly wealthy results obsessed ball-buster with a complete lack of appreciation for meerkat shenanigans.

4. Get The Newsletter


Yes, the thing that most of us turn our nose up at when asked to sign up for it, a company’s newsletter can help you gather significant information about a company’s culture and day to day activity. For example, Brown Fido creators of the world’s most high quality realistic fake dog poo for the past 25 years have a convenient news link that tells you that people are always welcome to visit the workspace and that their products have been feature in the movie Marley and Me. From those to little bits of information we can see that the company is a family friendly, warm and steaming place to work!

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Do you have any further advice on how to find out more about a company’s corporate culture? Let us know in the comment section below!