5 Tips to Stay Healthy at Work – For The Working Man

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, so the saying goes. But it has more truth than you may think, at least when it comes to the vital nutrients that each gender needs every day. Men have testosterone which means they need more calories and protein than women do. So if you’re a guy, there are a few things you need to know about fuelling your work day. But don’t worry. Follow these 5 tips to guide you and you will be prepared no matter how many emails you have to answer before rushing to that afternoon meeting.

1. Eat Enough Calories Throughout the Day

Men and women have different caloric needs. Men actually need to eat more than women do every day. Just how many more? A 130-pound woman needs 1,400 calories and an 180-pound man needs 2,100. A good way to make sure you’re consuming enough calories at work is to plan ahead and pack snacks and lunches. Include some higher calorie ingredients which would mean more healthy fats and whole grain carbohydrates. Snack ideas include almonds, almond butter and brown rice crackers. But don’t neglect the fruit, too -a fruit salad or a banana are smart choices as long as you buy a fruit salad without added sugary fruit juice. Embrace quinoa or brown rice at lunch and enjoy a beef chili or steak sandwich on whole wheat bread. Make sure you eat a morning and afternoon snack that is 200-300 calories each and you will meet your calorie needs. It’s smart to rely on snacks to get extra calories in so you’re not eating massive lunches and dinners which you might not even be all that hungry for.

2. Protect Your Heart With Healthy Fats

Saturated fat is the enemy when it comes to your risk of heart attack or heart problems. This is a particular issue for men. What you eat will cause a heart attack so think about this when you’re packing your work lunches and deciding what morning and afternoon snacks to get. You want healthy fats like nuts, nut butter, avocado and fatty fish like salmon. And if you think salmon or avocado are "girly" then think again. What’s better -eating a girly green fruit like avocado or dropping dead of a heart attack? Ensure you don’t eat too much butter or sat-fat laden beef. Stick to heart-healthy olive oil and lean beef like flank steak.

3. Get Enough Magnesium

Magnesium is not as trendy to talk about as getting enough protein and healthy fats and good carbs in your diet. But magnesium is super important for men. It ensures that you don’t suffer from insomnia or feel anxious. So if you want your mental as well as your physical health to stay in tip top shape so that you can focus at work and do an amazing job, then it’s time to get enough of this nutrient. Without you, you could feel symptoms on the less serious end of the spectrum (such as feeling exhausted) to the super serious (having extremely high blood pressure). Pack some magnesium-rich foods for lunch when you’re deciding what to enjoy at the office for your mid-day meal. Males aged 19-30 need 400 miligrams and men aged 31-50 need 420. This nutrient is most commonly found in nuts, seeds, spinach and beans, so embrace those foods in order to feel your absolute best.

4. Up Your Zinc Intake

Did you know that zinc actually affects your sperm count? Men need to eat zinc-rich foods to maintain interest in sex as well. It can also ensure you don’t come down with too many colds or flus. So pack some beans, turkey and whole grains for a healthy lunch and ensure you are getting the zinc that your body needs. Not getting enough zinc is pretty serious for men since it can actually cause them to become impotent. So this is one nutrient that is not talked about often enough, but it is very important to a man’s health.

5. Get Your Calcium

The recommended amount of calcium that men need is 1,000 miligrams. A great way to get some calcium in during your busy work day is to drink a glass of your desired milk (cow’s milk, almond or even coconut if you need non-dairy milk) with an apple for a 10 or 11 a.m. snack to hold you over until lunch. You can also bring a fruit smoothie to work with some yogurt added to make it super creamy and full of calcium. Other calcium-rich foods include leafy greens such as kale, which make a great salad base for lunch. You can also enjoy some Greek yogurt and blueberries for an afternoon snack that will curb any sweet craving and make you forget all about that candy bar you’ve been wanting since the morning.

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Think men and women have the exact same nutritional needs? Not so fast. Men need to make sure they eat enough calories, get their healthy fats in and forgo saturated fats. They need to get enough calcium and Vitamin E, and to not neglect magnesium. Follow this how-to guide and snack and eat healthy all day long.