5 Tools for Testing Your Newsletter

Many companies rely on email marketing as a major strategy for reaching their customers and prospects. However, sending out emails is not enough. You need to ensure that they reach the recipient’s inbox and can be easily accessed using any device. This is why it is important to test your emails first before sending them out. Here are some of the best email testing and rendering services available:

1. Litmus

This service comes with a user-friendly and interactive interface. Unlike other services that block images by default, Litmus allows you to see how your emails will look with plain text and with images. You can also optimize and preview your text and subject line instantly across different devices and email clients. Litmus comes with a colorblindness check feature which ensures that your content is readable and your designs have sufficient contrast. It also has a link validation feature that helps you avoid linking to blacklisted sites. Once you have done all the checks, you can publish your results and share them with any interested party.

2. EmailReach

EmailReach offers a wide range of email testing and rendering solutions. Just like other services, it allows you to see how your email appears in a wide range of email clients and mobile platforms. Other features include an ‘inbox monitor’ which allows you to keep track of the status of emails, whether they were rejected, delivered to the inbox or sent to the junk folder. The ‘content assessment’ feature tests your email’s text against the leading spam filters and gives you a spam score. Email reach also boasts a link and HTML checker that notifies you of any HTML errors or broken links in your email. It offers a 24-hour free trial, after which users will need to pay a fee to use the service.

3. Lyris HQ

This is a cloud-based digital marketing and email solution. Lyris HQ boasts great features which allow Internet marketers to create content fast and carry out multiple campaigns simultaneously. It comes with an inbuilt HTML editor and optimized templates which will help you create rich content for registration forms, landing pages and emails. Lyris HQ also has an advanced tracking and reporting feature which offers instant insight into customer behavior such as emails opened, purchase history, and mobile behavior. This tool can be integrated with ecommerce services such as Shopify, Yahoo Stores, Magento, and ChannelAdvisor.

4. Inbox Preview

Inbox Preview by Campaign Monitor gives you a chance to see how your email will appear in popular mobile, web-based and desktop email clients such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Mobile, and Android. This tool will also pass your content through several spam filters and spam firewalls to ensure that it is free of ‘spammy words’. You can try out all the features at no cost, and only start paying when you begin sending campaigns.

5. Contactology

Contactology comes with optimized email templates which look great on both mobile devices and computers. The intuitive user interface allows you to customize the appearance of your email without the need for coding. You can also create unlimited triggered messages to enhance conversions with your customers and prospects. Contactology’s email inbox preview feature lets you see how your email will appear in leading mobile and desktop clients. The site automatically generates a message quality score for every campaign.

Other tools which could come in handy for email testing include Email Client TestingIBM Email OptimizationPreviewMyEmail and Email on Acid.

Do you use any of these tools when it comes to testing your newsletter? Tell us what you think about them in the comments section below!