5 Tools to Pimp Your Social Media Content Strategy in 2015

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Although everyone is aware of the fact that social media is only getting bigger by the day, many business owners still think that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not serious marketing channels. If you are one of the people who are dismissing social media platforms as inefficient marketing tools, you’re making a huge mistake.

The entire world is exposed to an increased number of social advertisements. As Facebook users have their morning coffee ritual and scroll through their feeds, they notice sponsored ads appearing in between the posts. With the help of the following 5 tools, you will use the entire potential of social media and boost your marketing campaign in 2015.

1. Post Planner

Did you think you would need an entire Facebook marketing team to make your content marketing strategy efficient? Thanks to Post Planner, you can replace such a team with a single tool.

One of the most useful features of Post Planner is the Status Ideas Engine – it enables you to get proven ideas for Facebook statuses with a single click. That’s not where the benefits end, though! With the help of this tool, you can schedule viral posts to all your Facebook pages and save a lot of time you would usually spend on your daily marketing activities.

As soon as you start posting high-quality status updates within a consistent schedule, the number of users you reach will be significantly increased.

2. NinjaEssays.com

If you spent the last year on finding proper ways to market your content but failed to pay attention to its quality, then your entire content marketing campaign was probably useless. Many business owners and marketers make the same mistake – they focus on sharing and marketing strategies, but forget that the main factor that attracts views, likes and shares is the quality.

At paper writing service NinjaEssays, you can order any type of article, post, paper, critique or research and get it written by a close deadline. The best part is that you’ll get the content completed by an expert in the specific niche, who understands what you need and is capable to deliver it.

3. AgoraPulse Barometer

This free tool will perform an in-depth analysis of your Facebook page and compare it to the pages of other companies that have a close number of fans and who have also used the Barometer. The tool will analyze the last 50 posts on your page and return a report that compares your average score to the one of other Pages that went through the same assessment.

You will get information about the fans you reached, their engagement, the people talking about your page, and the negative feedback you got. When you find out that the performance of your Facebook page is below average, you’ll get an idea of the things you could improve.

4. NinjaOutreach


Instead of hiring an entire team of professional marketers to do your outreaching for you, this tool streamlines 10 people’s job into a single all-in-one influencer marketing tool. You can enter a single keyword into its content research tool to reveal an exhaustive list of top influencers in your niche including their most shared content. It also provides you their contact details and a customisable email template for immediate outreaching.

NinjaOutreach is the go-to influencer outreach tool that takes care of your campaign from start to finish. It also offers Done-For-You campaign services such as Guest Post, Expert Roundup, and Virtual Assistant services. In addition, you can also use this tool for tracking, analysing, and managing your email campaigns with its built-in CRM software.

5. Tagboard

Many people think that hashtags look silly, but smart content marketers know better. With the help of hashtags, you are able to reach your specific target group and create trends that will increase the popularity of your business.

Tagboard enables you to get a collection of social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms that share a common hashtag. Your tagboard will be fully interactive. You can retweet, comment, reply, and like without accessing the separate platforms.

Remember: the first thing you should focus on is creating great content. With the right tools and enough commitment, you can develop a successful social media content strategy that will boost the popularity of your business.