5 Tough Email Templates

Writing emails for certain situations (like quitting your job or turning down a new opportunity at work) can be tough. For new professionals who aren’t seasoned and experienced in professional communication, making these blunders could leave a nasty smear on any existing reference opportunities with your current company.

Here are five email templates for tough situations at work:

You’re quitting

Quitting a job is never easy, but doing so over email (not necessarily the best way) is even harder. Correct phrasing is key if you want to keep any chance of a good reference intact. Try out this script to let your boss down easy--or at the very least, professionally.

Note: It’s always a good idea to tell your boss in person that you plan on leaving. Putting your two-week notice down in writing is common practice and you should never skip this step, but letting your boss know in person first is essential.

Turning down a project

Sometimes we get swamped at work and taking on even more tasks is just not in anyone’s best interests. It’s important to manage your time and the time of your co-workers efficiently so that you aren’t bottlenecking anyone or creating unnecessary issues. For the no-time-to-spare response, try out this script.

Complaints about a co-worker

Running to your boss first thing after a spat with a co-worker may not be the best idea; trying to resolve issues on your own can and should be an important first step. However, if there are issues in the office that obviously need your boss’s attention, this script may help you bring these problems to the boss’s attention without making you sound like a picked-on kid.

Admitting mistakes to customers

We all make mistakes--but the best of us can admit when we’ve made them and bring them to customers’ attention so that they can be resolved. Admitting fault is an important key in keeping loyal customers who respect both your company and your brand. If you’ve bumbled something with customers, this script may help you set things right without backlash or a loss in sales/readership.

Asking your network for help with the job search

Networking--or just asking for things in general from people you aren’t terribly close to--can be awkward and even unpleasant, especially for those who have never done so. Asking for information about opportunities within your network is an important part of the job search and one that can make a huge difference in how successful you are in finding your dream job. This script can help you find the right things to say and the right questions to ask so that you can make your network benefit you.

Communication with co-workers, customers, and managers can be hard through email--especially since sometimes it can be easy to lose context or miss the meaning behind someone’s words. Keep your emails clear and concise by tailoring some of these templates to meet your specific needs.


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