5 Traits of Unforgettable People

5 Traits of Unforgettable People

There are specific skills that you need develop in order to be successful. Like it or not, you have to become a person who is friendly and likeable by others as this is the only way to make a lasting impression that is positive. It all starts with the small things to show that there is more to your personality, that is, actions rather than words.

Here are 5 things you can do to make an unforgettable impression:

#1 Smile

Many people believe that smiling makes them appear weak or over friendly. I could not disagree more - smiling is the one action which changes the way a person views you. Whether you are working as a manager or a new employee, smile at others to be a better person. Now, I am not encouraging a goofy smile on your face all the time, but smile every so often to let people know that you’re a happy person. The best thing about smiling is that it’s contagious - before you know it your smile will return to you!

#2 Name Game

When speaking to someone, make sure you use their name. It shows people that you pay attention to them and have a caring nature. Yes - we are all busy and don’t have time to get to know the person who brings you coffee in the morning, but it is worth taking 20 seconds of your time to say thank them. Word of advice: use their name and you’ll find that your coffee starts tasting better. 

#3 Be Reliable

People who fail to keep their word become those who no one trusts. If you have a fickle personality where you cannot be relied upon, people will categorize you as someone who is selfish. Make sure you show that you are trustworthy and keep your word by doing the things you said you would!

#4 Be Humble

While it is tempting to show off and flaunt your success in front of other people, unforgettable people let their work speak for itself. Don’t be someone who blows their own trumpet because it makes you seem fake and annoying. When you do a good job, recognize it and move on - don’t cling onto it with dear life because you are bound to out-do yourself

#5 Say Thanks

It never hurt anyone to be nice - that’s a fact. Unforgettable people understand the importance of being grateful and don’t feel ashamed to say thanks. Whether it is to your employees, colleagues or boss, you should always be ready to show your appreciation by saying simple thank you… and voila! You are unforgettable already.