5 Tricks for a Happier Day at Work

Most of us find it quite hard to enjoy our days at work, there’s always that feeling of wanting to flee, counting down the hours and minutes till it’s time to go home and dreading the moment you need to go back to work. As you probably realize yourself, not only does this mindset not make us productive, but it also does not make us happy.

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Being happy at work often seems like this unrealistic dream that naïve people have, but the fact is that you can be happy at work and that you should in fact strive to be happy at work as this will help you lead a happier life overall. Being happy at work also equates to being productive at work which is another factor you should take into consideration. Research has shown that being happy at work can make people up to 12 percent more productive, not a small feat as I’m sure you realize, because productivity at work often means increased chances of career success. So, if you want to advance your career the first step you need to take is finding tricks to have a happier day at work.

1. Find Your Power Hours

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We often lose our groove at work because we are so stressed out by all the impeding deadlines and the workload on our desks. Unfortunately, there’s no magic trick to take away all the hard work you need to do –Hermione wouldn’t condone anyway- but what you can do is find the hours of the day during which you are more productive and do your difficult or more complicated tasks during that time.

Power hours are different from person to person, but if you are more of an afternoon person in general you may find that you work better during the afternoon, so simply leave all your tougher tasks for the afternoon and focus on the smaller projects you need to deal with in the morning.

2. Create an Office Nest

We spend so much time in our offices that I’m surprised we still call our homes home. If you are one of those people who feel pretty when pretty things surround them make sure that you add pretty things to your near vicinity. Flowers can help, images or postcards from your favourite places on earth could also help.

The point is to surround yourself and to decorate your cubicle with all the things that make you comfortable, things you’d put in your home to look at one a daily basis. If Spock is what tickles your fancy, for example, why not stick this beloved Vulcan’s face next to your computer screen?

3. Reward Yourself

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Obviously you are going to want to reward yourself when you work hard and when you stick to your happy mood throughout the day. Set your mind on being happy day in day out and when you’ve managed to not kill your mood for over a week treat yourself to something special. Whether that’s buying something you really wanted or leaving work earlier one day to have an ice-cream with a friend, you should definitely give it a go.

Understand that by rewarding yourself you’ll also be motivating yourself to continue on this chirpy path you’ve set yourself on.

4. Organize Yourself

It’s become a cliché thing to say at work, but it’s also one of those things that can’t be stressed enough. Organizing yourself can make the difference between being assigned new responsibilities at work and being ignored by your boss. Make a detailed to-do list every morning with everything you need to do before going home in the afternoon and make sure you take into account your power hours when you are prioritizing your to-do list.

5. Find Work Buddies

work buddies

According to research having friends at work can make you really happy, demonstrating how important it is to have work buddies. Having friends at work can make you eager to get to work each morning and it can also make your overall day more pleasant. So, find some work buddies to share your lunch break with and your whole day will go by more pleasurably.

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The reality is that the more effort you put into being happy at work the more effortless it will be to go and be at work each day. Try the tricks featured above and your whole work perspective could change in a matter of weeks.




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