5 Truths About Unconventional Career Paths

So you have always swum against the current, like a salmon wanting to spawn…maybe that allegory isn’t the best, but I think you know what I’m going for. Unconventional would be a conservative characterization of your…let’s say your strange impulses…so it would be expected that your career would follow a similar path, the one less travelled (just so I can make a literary reference and seem smart, a poem that has more to do with lying then boldly choosing a less visited option). But as you know an unconventional career path holds certain truths, which some people might not be aware of.

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1. Remote

Telecommuting, remote workers or working from home (for the less fancy amongst us) has been gaining traction for its numerous benefits to both the employee and the employer. Although the majority of the benefits are financial for both parties, working from home still hasn’t been embraced to the level that many business media outlets have led us to believe. Also, what is perceived as work from home, often is work from home, and periodically come to the office for meetings. Which really sucks because all you want to do is sit on your couch in pyjamas and create expense reports, but sorry buddy no dice, no go get ready for work.

2. It’s Mostly Tech Jobs

tech worker

A recent (relatively) term is STEM majors which is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has dominated many career-related websites because the majority of high paying jobs are (surprise, surprise you greedy bastards) in those aforementioned fields. So even if you try to get yourself a cushy non-conventional position, if you aren’t in one of those fields and more specifically even, in technology, then you are out of luck…

3. Learning

It’s not all bad, though; say you’ve worked an incredibly traditional office job, with the corporate attire, 9 to 5 and the daily commute…but you’re done with that mess. You never want to put that oppressive tie on again…well there are ways around that. Online learning has slowly built up a reputation and has helped many people switch careers. There are even some free solutions out there like CodeAcademy, which offers free online classes in coding. The additional education will undoubtedly help you redefine your career and maybe even help you become a freelancer, so your dream of working in your pyjamas can come true.

4. Productivity

In recent years, productivity is being valued much more than actual hours spent on the job. A huge proponent and harbinger of this switch has been Netflix, which prefers to have exceptionally talented people make their own schedules and instead of spending time and money enforcing asinine policies (which only but a few people actually infract). Also, they saved money tracking and accounting vacation days, leave and sick days, by giving the employees the freedom to work how they want…as long as they deliver spectacular results.

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Is there anything other truths about non-traditional jobs people might not be aware of? Let us know in the comment section below.