5 Truths You Need to Accept Before You Can Start Making Money

A lot of us wish we could make more money. A lot of us also tend to think that if we just had a little bit more in our bank accounts life would be just a bit easier. If you’ve had these thoughts and are ready to start doing something about it, here’s five things you will need to get your head around before you start seeing the zeros in your account multiply.

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1. You Need To Spend More To Make More

If you’re running your own business and you want to start taking on more work to get those extra dollars, then you’ll probably have to start hiring others. There will be a point where the workload is too much for you to handle on your own, so you’ll need to start paying others to help you out. If making more money means you’re going to go into a different field of work or into a higher position, this might mean you need some extra qualifications and skills. This could see you having to spend money on training and other types of education. 

2. Before Long You'll Have A New Goal

When you start out you’ll probably have an initial goal of how much extra money you’d like to make. You probably also have thoughts such as ’with that extra money I’ll no longer have to skip out on having a coffee’ or ’I’ll be able to get a bigger place to live’. Once you get that extra money and can have those extra things, your mind will start thinking ’if I just begin making a little more I can get an even bigger house’. While it’s good to continually set yourself goals, there’s a difference between setting goals and never allowing yourself to be happy with what you’ve achieved. Enjoy the journey and enjoy what you accomplish.

3. You'll Have To Ask

This is particularly the case if you’re working for some type of company. There may be times when you have performance reviews and do well or are given the opportunity to take a higher position. When these times come, you’ll likely have to have that uncomfortable talk about money. Don’t be afraid to ask for more if you know you’re going to be doing more work, just back this up with a promise to work hard.

4. There Will Be Extra Responsibilities and Expectations

Whether you’re in a higher position at work, or your own business is flourishing, this inevitably comes with extra responsibilities and expectations. There will be more work, more things to manage and likely more clients expecting things of you. Before you take that step further ask yourself, are you ready to take on these extra obligations?

5. Money Doesn't Make You Happy

Just because you might have made extra money which lets you go on long holidays, have a bigger house or buy the latest piece of technology, this won’t make you happy forever. Most people know money doesn’t make you happy; it’s the people around you and the experiences you have in life that bring a smile to your face. What money can do is help enhance your life to make these experiences happen. Money can allow you to follow your passions and dreams, just keep in mind that money isn’t the answer to all your worries.

Nothing ever comes for free and sometimes it can seem like money makes the world go round. Keeping these truths in mind however may help to make your journey on the road to making some extra dollars, more enjoyable and less stressful.

Would you say that money makes the world go round or do you think happiness is what truly matters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.