5 Unconventional Ways to Get Ahead at Your Company

Most of us want to get out of entry-level jobs sooner rather than later, and it’s not just to do with being better compensated, it’s also to do with being recognized and valued by your peers and your boss. We all strive for success in the workplace because no one wants to be average, and if you work for a company you like, doing a job you love, you are going to be all that more motivated to achieve career success.

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But often career success seems intangible. No matter how much we try to reach our goals, it’s impossible to become successful in the workplace. Sometimes the reason for this failure or this inability to achieve success is because we take the wrong steps. We are often advised for example to boost our confidence and collaboration in the workplace, and although they are essential, are they enough to get us to the top?

Usually, they prove to be insufficient, not just because everyone else is doing the same things, but because they fail to demonstrate what separates us from the crowd. To become a success story in your business, you need to find unconventional ways that will help you get ahead at your company.

Below we’ve listed some of these unconventional ways that will help you advance, take a minute to go through them and let us know if you’ve started doing any of these things in your company.

1. Find Out How Much You Are Worth


We often forget that we cost our bosses money just by sitting on our chairs and in order to advance in your career you need to work on not being an expense for your boss.

To do that, figure out how much you cost to your boss, include your salary, your medical insurance, etc. and then try to figure out how much money you make them. Have you brought in any clients? How much are those clients worth? Doing the math will help you know how much more you need to do so that you stop costing your boss money.

It’s important to be realistic about yourself as a professional and this will help you do just that. It will also help motivate and inspire you to become better at your job.

2. Stop Hating Others

Of course, we all hate our colleagues who have successfully advanced their careers. Probably because most of them were undeserving of the promotions they received, but will hating them get you anywhere? It won’t, right? So you need to snap out of your negativity and consider what you can do to become those people’s friends. This will help you get closer to the boss, and it will also help you learn a few tricks, while you might also get to work on important projects that will get the boss’s attention.

3. Become the Go-to Person for Your Boss

talk to boss

Bosses have a lot on their mind which is why it’s not always easy to approach them, and it’s also why it’s often impossible to attract their attention. But just like any other professional in the workplace, bosses need help with most things they try to do and a surefire way to get your boss to notice you is to become their go-to person.

Anticipate what they’ll need and offer to do it before they ask. Sure this will be awkward in the beginning, and you might become a bit hated by your fellow employees, but as time progresses your boss will learn to trust you more and more, and this can do wonders for your career.

4. Start Thinking Like a Company Owner

One mistake most of us make is that we never think like company owners, we know that taking big decisions and responsibilities does not fall on our shoulders, so we embrace the employee mindset, but if that’s the mindset you embrace, then how is your boss going to see you? Try and rise above the employee mindset in terms of your relationships with your colleagues – i.e avoid office gossip- but also take initiative when it comes to business decisions and work responsibilities.

5. Become a Strategic Thinker

man thinking

If you want to advance professionally, you need to become a strategic thinker, sort of like a chess player needs to consider all possible outcomes before making a move. Similarly, you should start calculating the outcomes of each potential decision and make your decision based on what can benefit your career most.

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Advancing your career won’t happen if you are idle, you need to take action in order to ensure that your boss will notice you in the workplace.

Have you used any of the methods mentioned above? Do you find them effective? Let us know in the comments.




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