5 Unique Jobs From Across Asia

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1. Betel nut Girls -Taiwan
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Betel nut beauties are a common sight along the roadsides in Taiwan. Young women sell betel nuts, cigarettes and drinks along city and country roadsides in Taiwan. They usually wear revealing outfits and their storefronts are typically brightly lit with neon colour to attract customers’ attention. The curiosity surrounding betel nut beauties is whether their dress marks them as victims of exploitation or whether it is a marketing technique to boost their economic situation.

Irrespective of culture, way of living and upbringing, all humans share many of the same basic needs and desires. For this reason, occupations all over the globe tend to look alike in purpose and practice. Professions like doctors, pharmacists, nurses, bankers, police officers, traffic wardens are omnipresent in almost every developed and developing county of the world. Some jobs however, are an interesting twist on the traditional jobs or are wholly in their own league, reflecting the particular customs or geography of the regions that created them. Thanks to a Quora thread on this topic, I collected some of the most unusual jobs that typically exist in one country. 


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