5 Unrealistic Jobs all 90s Kids Wished They Had

What was your dream job as a 90s kid?...Was it any unrealistic at all?...Of course, being a Power Ranger is as real as it gets. Those were the coolest jobs.

Ah, the 1990s- the last greatest decade.

If you were lucky enough to grow in this awesome decade, then you know that all the popular TV shows and films such as The Simpsons, The X—Files, Futurama and so on weren’t just there for our entertainment they actually shaped our dreams and goals. And what if they weren’t always realistic? At least we could dream!

Here are 5 unrealistic jobs all 90s kids wished they had influenced by classic films and TV shows.

1. Professional Basketball Player- Space Jam

This film was loved by everyone. Even if you weren’t a big basketball fan, this film would most definitely make you the sport’s next biggest fan. Okay, it had many occupational hazards such as being assaulted by aliens, injuries or issues with teammates; nevertheless, it looked like a very rewarding career. Most kids even had their parents buy them a hoop to practice their skills and get ready to be the next Michael Jordan.

Real job: PE Teacher/Basketball Coach

2. Pokemon Trainer: Pokemon

We were all Pokemon die-hards. Whether you collected the cards, played the game or even just watched the show, I bet you were all jealous of Ash. I mean, he left home when he was 10 years old to catch, train and battle Pokemon - definitely better than going to school, right? I am not saying this was an easy “job” as he had to endure frequent electrocutions from Pikachu, but he was lucky enough to wear a baseball cap everyday!

Real job: Boxing/Martial Arts Trainer

3. Inventor: Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Okay, okay we know that this film was released in 1989, but there isn’t a single 90s kid that didn’t see this and was so influenced by it that they set out to shrink a family member soon after watching it.

Wayne Szalinski, the amazing aspiring inventor, was a very inspiring person for us. He taught us not to give up or change ourselves due to peer pressure, that nerds are cool, too, and that giant ants exist. (well, in films at least)

Real job: Research Scientist

4. Child CEO/Computer Hacker: Richie Rich

Even though Richie Rich may have been a privileged kid with a mansion and his own personal McDonald’s, he also had his own fair share of problems - his parents disappeared, his butler was arrested and simply couldn’t get other kids to like him.

He had to temporarily take charge of his Dad’s company and do businessy-stuff such as drinking chocolate milkshakes in meetings and rollerblading to the office. You know; all the regular things multimillionaires do every day. Who wouldn’t want that as a career?

Real job: Adult CEO/Computer Hack

5. Snow Shoveler: The Simpsons

We are all familiar with Homer Simpson, the big yellow-skin goof in The Simpsons, right? He had many different jobs over the 90s. However, one managed to make him stand out: Mr. Plow and his personalized blue jacket. If driving a huge truck around town with a massive plow attached to it isn’t enough for you, just remember how he saved others from cutting their hands off with snow blowers - he was THE snow-hero.

‘Mr. Plow, that’s my name. That name again is Mr. Plow.’

Real job: Truck Driver

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Did you have cool unrealistic job expectations growing up? Let us know what it was…