5 Useful Sites for Marketing Your Blog

Blogs nowadays encapsulate much more than a means to share say your holiday experiences or scandalous opinions. Blogging can be a very important marketing tool for a business, as well as being an avenue for personal expression.

We all know the benefits of using social media to market a blog by now. But there are also several sites that one might not immediately think of when trying to build traffic.


ZergNet is a private network that brings together the best content from hundreds of websites. When you sign up, you will receive a widget code which is customisable and can be applied on your homepage and sidebar. Relevant content from other sites similar to yours will then show up in the widget. In turn your content will show up in the widgets on other sites.


This site is a blogging community and blog search engine. It therefore allows you to connect with other bloggers, allowing for networking and collaboration, as well as getting your blog out there for other users to find.


One great way to promote your site, blog or business is by guest blogging. Guest Blog It allows users to upload their content for other site owners to browse. If a site owner likes your content then they will contact you to ask if they can use it on their blog. If you decide to go forward, then getting your content published on a popular and/or relevant site could draw attention to your blog.


Dmoz is a leading online open directory project, which unlike search engines has actual volunteer editors to root out poor content. Therefore, users are always searching for the best content on the net when they use the site. Registering your blogging site with this directory therefore gives credibility and again provides another platform for people to find your content.


Triberr is an excellent marketing tool. The idea is that you form a tribe with other similar bloggers so that whenever you post new content they are made aware of it and vice versa. Then your tribe will read your content and share it with their followers or via social media etc.

These sites are all free and very simple to use. By using directories and networking sites, not only are you accessing more platforms where people can find your content, you are also forming connections with others who will help promote it. Don’t forget to return the favour though!