5 Ways Mindfulness Helps You Thrive In Business

If 2015 had a buzzword, then surely it would be mindfulness. Making the rounds on health sites, wellness articles and lifestyle magazines, the word has well and truly saturated the media, but whilst many of us would confess to peppering our speech with it, how many of us actually understand the ramifications it can have on our day to day lives?

The state of mindfulness has been lifted directly from Buddhism, and refers to the quality of being truly present in the current moment, of acknowledging everything that we can think or feel at any given time as being factors of the immediate moment. Mindfulness, in short, gets us to focus on the moment in which we’re living, and try to stop stressing so much on what may or may not come down the line. The state, therefore, can be incredibly conducive to a positive and relaxed business life

While business must include an element of forward thinking, there is an equal argument that states we should focus just as much of our attention on the present moment. Of course, that is easier said than done and when things seem to be derailing, it can be very hard to ground yourself in the present and be rational. Mindfulness, however, can lead to great things down the line and if you make it a part of your professional life, you might be surprised at the positive benefits it has upon your career. If you’re not sure about how mindfulness can be beneficial to your business, just see the incredible ways it can impact your life.

1. Maintaining a Healthy Sleep Pattern

The number one thing that we all overlook when starting up a new business is sleep. With long days, early meetings and late night deadlines, we can really do damage to our sleeping patterns when we make the professional leap and as a result, we can diminish our general health. Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to maintaining a good business head and if you’re struggling to switch off at night, mindful meditation might just be the thing you need.

By focusing on your breathing and environment for twenty minutes before you go to sleep, you can massively reduce the amount of white noise generated by your stressed and tired mind. Taking a chunk of time to go from work mode to sleep mode is essential should you want to rest in a significant way, and being mindful of the present moment might just be the best way to go about it. Better sleep patterns lead to a better, brighter head in the morning and with, greater productivity down the line.

2. Switching Off

In the current business climate, we are all obsessed with the technology we have made a part of our lives. It’s all well and good when it’s part of our working schedule, but when we’re trying to truly relax and recalibrate, technology can be the worst form of distraction. From time to time, our minds need respite from the whirring of the digital world and if you’re struggling to go from work mode to relax mode, then mindfulness might be able to ease you in.

While you might not be able to turn everything off for a significant amount of time, it’s not to say that you can’t incorporate a more considered approach in your working life, and manage the stress that comes with the constant technological alerts. Using mindful meditation in moments of significant stress can drastically reduce the tension you might be feeling and will enable you to restructure your behaviour in order to make changes for the better. By focusing more on the present moment, it is likely that you will make better decisions and that you will be able to see the professional picture more clearly. Switching off for a moment could mark the difference between success and failure.

3. Getting Through Stress


Stress is one of the biggest struggles we must overcome when we venture into business, or the professional world. Our inability to deal with moments of anxiety or tension can lead us into potentially dark waters and if things are really bad, they can spell the end of our professional dreams. Everyone encounters stress at some point or another in their lives; the trick is knowing how to deal with it.

One of the main reasons we are unable to deal with stress and anxiety is because we lack the clarity to understand the whole story. Our emotions often get a hold of us and where we might normally be very rational in our approach, we can act entirely differently. Practicing mindfulness in moments of stress and worry can help us to calibrate our emotions and really get on top of the situation. We are better able to distinguish between fact and emotion by using mindfulness and this is really the key to quashing feelings of stress.

4. Building Inner Resources

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The fact that the world is moving at increasingly faster rates is clear in all facets of life, and business is no exception. Technological and economic changes can often knock us off our feet and if we’re feeling vulnerable, it can feel difficult to build a strong defence system. Maintaining a certain amount of inner poise, however, can really see us through the stresses of everyday lives and there is no better way to do this than by using mindful meditation.

By devoting a small amount of time each day to mindfulness, you will soon be able to work through problems in our everyday lives. Getting used to taking time out from the pressures of work can really help you see your professional life in a different manner and as a result, deal with things in a more effective way. Building up an inner resource of calm and focus will help you to thrive in business no end and with it, face any problem that comes your way.

5. Getting Past Distractions

In today’s world, it feels like everything is vying for our attention and sometimes, it can feel like we’re being pulled in every way at once. When we’re trying to make a name for ourselves in business, secondary distractions can prove really damaging to our course forwards and if we’re feeling particularly run down, it can be easy to lose all focus entirely.

In order to work without distraction, we must train our minds to be able to focus in a very specific way and using mindful meditation can be a great option. Focusing on the present moment in meditation helps our minds to get used to focusing intently on one thing at a time. We might listen to our breathing, or focus on the feelings in our limbs as we lie on the floor. Doing this regularly enables our brains to easily focus its attention on one thing and as a result, block out any unwanted distraction. The longer you’ve been doing it, the more easily you will be able to apply the state to real life and as a result, move past any white noise.

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Mindfulness might be associated with new age living and wellness but in fact, it can be applied to every facet of life. Approaching the way in which we live and work has never been more important and with incessant calls for our attention, it can be easy to lose focus on the task at hand. Mindfulness has a very real place in the business world and if you want to make a more considered go of your professional life, you might consider making it a part of your everyday routine.