5 Ways of Venting Frustration

Times are tough these days. We hear that often enough. But what we never talk about amongst our family and friends are ways of venting our frustrations. Only we know one way of doing that; and it’s by talking until we are blue in the face. This can be helpful, as many people are well-versed at verbalizing how they are feeling. However, sometimes we need other ways of venting because we are not always capable of talking or communicating in that way.

Here are a few ways of venting frustration:

1) Go for a walk


Going for a walk can be beneficial on a daily basis. When you wake up, you probably have a plethora of things on your plate, and only so little time to eat.... Corny phrases aside, there is something entirely forgotten when we are always gabbing gossip and checking our newsfeeds. We can release the stressors and anxieties that arrive each morning by putting our cell phones down and taking the time to go for a walk. Maybe you can walk around the block, around a lake. Or maybe you can walk in circles with a baby in your arms, provided you have one. Still, you could walk up and down the steps in your apartment building. There are no excuses for not being able to go for a walk. Making time to exercise before you start your day is inexcusably easy to do. When you start making excuses, or when you avoid exercise, you are being lazy. And being lazy is another way of letting frustrations build up inside of you, waiting to explode on people with better things to do than to listen to you.

2) Have a drink


This one is self-explanatory. But for those who wilt into their days like a dried up flower pot, try using a little of the juice. It could very well be the thing which sparks you back to life. Is it so bad to have a drink every now and then? Of course not. Alcohol refreshes the spirit, especially in times of depression and emotional upheaval. It numbs, it enchants, it brings a wealth of happiness to those that have none. Cheap beer is OK, if you happen to be on a tight budget. But, when it comes to wine and spirits -- you get what you pay for. Indulging in alcohol a few nights out of the week is helpful to the human condition. Take a drink. Take a few drinks. Remember to forget.

3) Have (good) sex


The human body is made for intercourse. In fact, we wouldn’t be here without our parents getting it on. They brought us into this world by their love, and what brought them together was the consummation of that love. Nine months later, the buying of diapers and formula began ... but that’s another story. Having sex is a nice form of exercise, one that doesn’t require you to run in circles or up and down the steps of your apartment building. Instead you can relate to a partner with your mouth, intimately, and with your god-given parts. They were made for a reason. And I’m sure there are countless studies that prove how important sex can be, not just in our relationships, but when it comes to relieving frustrations. Ever hear of a man or a woman complaining about the overdue electric bill right after a love-making session lasting longer than a few minutes? Me neither. Make it last. Take your time. Enjoy the love of your partner while you still can. And release those frustrations with a few tender and magical thrusts.

4) Write, paint, draw, sing, listen to music


Not everybody is a Picasso. And not everybody can be Taylor Swift. But who wants to be like everybody else? Being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be artistic. (Try preaching that to the choir, what?) It simply means that you are expressing yourself, or that you are allowing your brain, your body, you soul and your spirit to dream a little. It’s OK to dream. And it’s OK to sing in the shower. Just like it’s OK to draw pictures, then painting over the top of them, while singing along with the voices in your head. Letting go of life’s frustrations is therapeutic -- and that is what is meant by being an artist. The artist gets it out, whatever it is. Don’t hold in your emotions. That’s how serial killers are made. 

5) Learn to shut your mouth


Learning to shut your mouth might be immensely difficult for some people. Those that are used to venting their frustrations by being vocal about their emotions probably aren’t very good at keeping quiet. But being quiet is something that can teach you more than never knowing when to shut up. Also it helps to serve the communication process by knowing when it’s your turn to close your mouth. Having a fair and balanced line of communication is imperative to healthy relationships, in and out of the workplace. We don’t have to pretend that we are fair and balanced, like Fox News. We can actually reciprocate the people in our lives by listening, and we can learn what’s really going on. Just like they do for us. (Our friends and family. Not Fox News.) And once we’ve honed our communication skills, we will help ourselves to feel more at ease, knowing that we can talk to the people in our lives, and they will actually listen.

 How do you release your frustrations? Comment below!

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