5 Ways to be More Confident at Work

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Confidence is at the root of many successful careers, relationships, business deals and life experiences. Confidence is what gives you that feeling of accomplishment going into any situation without truly knowing the outcome. It can help us think positively, push us to take on new challenges and open our minds to new opportunities that we would otherwise never think to go for. In essence, confidence really is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. But how does one become more confident in the workplace? Let’s find out…

Talk to Yourself

No. I am not mad, and neither will you be if you follow this advice. Research shows that talking to yourself can help boost your confidence in stressful situations. However, there is a trick to this. You should avoid talking to yourself in first person context, and opt only to give yourself a pep talk in third person context. For example, rather than telling yourself that I can achieve my new work targets by tomorrow, you should say ‘John’, you can hit your targets by tomorrow! According to researchers on the subject of self-talk, “self-talk can boost productivity, motivation and confidence.”

Psychologist Atonis Hatzigeorgiadis has carried out research on the phenomenon of self-talk and found that “there is robust evidenced that self-talk strategies facilitate learning and enhanced performance.”

Confidence Outside of Work

This article is about how to become more confident in the workplace, but in order to be more confident at work, you need to be confident in all aspects of your life. If you are not confident outside of your work day when around the people you love or care for, then how can you expect to be confident around colleagues, subordinates or managers? In order to be confident in your personal life you have to fill it with things you enjoy or are passionate about. This will help you to exude a much higher level of positivity and thus self-confidence will follow suit. The key to becoming more confident is ultimately to change how you think, and this involves taking action over simply using words to remind yourself to be more ‘out there’.

Power Poses Matter

That’s right. How you carry yourself, in the literal sense of the phrase, can actually determine how you feel. If you walk around the office with your head down, avoiding eye contact, shuffling your feet and hunched over, then people will automatically assume you are not a confident person and in some cases even use this to their advantage. Before you know it, you are being walked all over. You need to stand tall, keep your chin up, always maintain eye contact with the person you are speaking with, never keep your hands in your pockets and avoid fidgeting at all costs. For more body posture tips for confidence you can read the Top 10 Ways to Show Confidence With Body Language by Askmen.

Figure Out Your Weaknesses

One way to guarantee low self-confidence is to suffer from various weaknesses that you believe you have no control over. You need to alter this way of thinking immediately. All weaknesses can be worked on, and through learning what these weaknesses are and where they stem from, you can even turn them into strengths. If, for example, you suffer from shyness, you need to practise public speaking and socialising as much as possible. Move yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then.

Get Positive Feedback

Constructive criticism is not what you need right now. If you want to become more confident a work, positive feedback from another person is always a great boost to one’s self-confidence. Ask you mentor, manager, supervisor or even a colleague to give you some pointers on what they believe your strengths are and what they admire about you most. Do not worry that you may come across as arrogant or big headed; if you explain that you are trying to boost your confidence in the workplace people will understand that pointing out your good qualities will truly help you.

Do you have any more tips on how to become more confident at work? I have listed the top 5 ways of achieving more self-confidence in the workplace, but there are many more tips to discuss. Add some more to the comments section below!

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