5 Ways to be More Positive at Work

Positivity breeds positivity. If you are not lucky enough to be surrounded by positive people, whether they are colleagues, friends or family, then being positive really is down to your own will power. While we may like to think that some people are simply born positive with an optimistic outlook on life, but that is far from the truth. Positive energy comes from within, but if you are used to feeling negative and allowing your emotions to get the better of you then turning a worrying situation into an optimistic opportunity can be difficult to say the least.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to be more positive in the workplace.

1. A Positive Attitude is a Choice – Choose Wisely!

The first aspect you need to consider before any practical ‘techniques’ should be used is the fact that you have the right and ability to choose how you react and act in any situation. You can choose to be negative or positive. This fact can be hard to accept, because let’s face it, it is easier to believe that being negative is out of our control. Nevertheless, you should feel empowered that you can control your emotions in any situation by simply choosing to think of the best factor in any situation. The next time something causes you to worry or panic at work, remember that you control your emotions.

2. Once you ‘Choose’ you need to ‘Train’

Choosing to be positive is only the first step, you then need to train your brain to behave in this manner. The workplace can be a stressful place even for the most positive of people, so it is also a good place to begin training your brain to think positively. Simply take a few minutes whenever you feel stressed, worried or anxious, breathe deeply and rationalise the situation. Do this every single time you feel even slightly stressed, so that it becomes second nature to you.

3. Physical Reminder

If you need a more ‘hard-hitting’ reminder to be positive, a good trick is to tie an elastic band around your wrist. Every time you feel negative in a stressful situation you need to gently snap the elastic band against your wrist to activate the necessary emotions to survive the current situation. It doesn’t need to be an elastic band, though, you can carry something small around with you that you can then pick up and remind yourself to be positive!

4. Keep Learning

Another way of keeping positive, especially in the workplace, is to keep learning new things. Whether that is life lessons or practical tasks, the brain needs exercising to stay active and engaged. Try to learn something new every day, even if it is something as simple as a new word to expand your vocabulary! Try to learn as many lessons as possible in difficult circumstances; remember that you are stronger today than you were yesterday, and every situation you have been in helps to improve you as a person.

5. Share your Positivity

Whether you like your colleagues or not, while at work it is important to be (at the very least) viewed as a positive person. Why? Because negativity spreads faster than positivity and when productivity is at the root of workplace success, it is vital that you do not allow negativity to affect you or your colleagues. A great way of feeling positive and keeping that feeling for longer is to share your positivity with those around you. This will almost act as a ‘mirror’ effect, meaning that positive energy will essentially bounce from one person to the next and everyone will be working productively towards the same target.

Although this article aims to help those who need more positivity in their life (especially while at work), it should be noted that it can be personal or professional related issues that cause you to feel stressed at work, and regardless of the cause, you should not be too hard on yourself. Accept your current situation and give yourself a moment to slow your racing (often irrational) thoughts, and begin your steps to a positive mind.

What do you do to help you to stay positive in the workplace?