5 Ways to Deal With a Supervisor Who Attacks Your Character


It is disheartening when your supervisor has something against you as it inhibits your work performance. You are constantly stressed and unhappy at the workplace, and this goes on to affect your career progression and job survival. In order to avoid further conflict with your boss, you need to take the following steps to effectively deal with and perhaps even change their attitude towards you:

#1 Work Constantly and Consistently

A supervisor is unlikely to have reasons take up issues with you when you perform all your duties as required. Pull your weight in all tasks and assignments and complete your work in good time. Constantly improve your performance and produce work that is above the expected standards so that your boss can note you down positively.

#2 Have Allies

Drum up the support of your colleagues. Find out how they are coping with your supervisor and pick a mentor from among them who you can confide in over the matter. You could also use workmates as corroborative witnesses in the event that you want to take the matter up with the Human Resource Department. Although you may want to vent about your boss’s bad attitude, be careful not to badmouth him or her to other colleagues as this not only portrays you negatively, it may get you into trouble.

#3 Make Your Boss Feel Appreciated

Working with instead of against your boss is likely to improve your working relationship, as well as reduce instances where they are likely to attack you. Appeal to their self or professional interest by aligning your goals with theirs so that you make them look good in the end. Praise their managerial abilities whenever they get some aspect of work right and do not be afraid to approach them for advice or assistance. All these approaches disarm any attack your supervisor is likely to launch against you and could put you on their good side.

#4 Talk to Your Boss

Look for an opportunity when your supervisor has cooled down and is free to address matters with them. Demonstrate respect for their time by making an appointment for the meeting. Doing so gives you ample time to have a meaningful conversation with them about their attitude towards you and to determine the source of conflict. Maintain constant communication with your supervisor to prevent further problems.

#5 Work on an Escape Plan

Your last option, should your supervisor fail to improve their behavior, is to have an escape plan. Your current job should be able to get you to the next level, so don’t let your current experience discourage or stagnate your growth. Apply yourself strategically by expanding your work opportunities, coordinating with other departments and building wider networks. Always be on the lookout for new positions that reduce the amount of contact you have with your current supervisor.

The most important thing is to show restraint. Taking the defensive position is only natural, but you have to remember that your supervisor is a superior, and you need to have a diplomatic interaction with them in order to retain your position as well as for future reference. Nevertheless, establish your self-respect and deal with an antagonizing supervisor tactically to not only avoid confrontation, but also gain their respect.