5 Ways to go From Boring to Awesome

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There are many people accomplishing extraordinary feats in our world today. This could be entrepreneurs creating revolutionary innovations or scientists making amazing discoveries. When you read stories of such extraordinary achievers, you might come to the conclusion that you can never attain similar feats since you are just an ordinary person. However, you need to realize that being awesome is simply a choice that one needs to make. It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, rich or poor, male or female, anyone can choose to be awesome.

So, how do you go from boring to awesome?

1. Dream

Most extraordinary achievements begin with a dream. You need to have a dream which is bigger than yourself. Don’t limit yourself based on your background, abilities or resources. Allow your mind to go wild and believe that you can actually achieve your dreams. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’. Fully commit yourself to the attainment of your dreams.     

2. Take Action

‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them’ - Walt Disney. Having a dream is not enough; you need to take action. Invest your money and time into learning and growing yourself. This could mean enrolling for a class or undergoing an apprenticeship program. Most extraordinary people take years to develop the right mindset for success and hone their skills. In addition, you will need to identify successful people in your area and learn from them. This could be through reading books, attending conferences or having one-on-one conversations.    

3. Make Sacrifices

The path towards awesome achievements is not easy. To go beyond being ordinary and stop being boring, you will have to make many sacrifices along the way. One of the biggest sacrifices you will need to make is time. You might need to sleep later, wake up earlier and spend less time on recreational activities. In addition, you might have to let go of relationships which would hinder your progress towards the achievement of your dreams. Other things you might need to sacrifice are your material possessions, comforts and money.

4. Seize Opportunities

Opportunities come our way on a daily basis. However, many people are blind to the opportunities around them. According to Winston Churchill, ‘A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’. Awesome people have perfected the art of identifying and grabbing the opportunities around them. They see potential rewards while ordinary boring people only see the problems.

5. Live With Passion

When it comes to being an extraordinarily awesome person, passion is very important. Passion is what will keep you going when others are giving up. Therefore, live your life excited about what the future holds. Go about your activities with enthusiasm and take time to celebrate every victory. Always be grateful for everything and surround yourself with positive people. Living passionately will make the journey towards your dreams more bearable.

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Take the steps mentioned above and see your life being transformed from boring to awesome.

Can you think of any other to transform you from boring to awesome? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.