5 Ways to Have SEO Success in 2014

Proper SEO techniques are vital when attempting to maintain a positive online presence and grow a business. Most of the world is mobile friendly these days, meaning your website needs to cater to them. You also need to use the right keywords and customize links for better search engine results. SEO is more than using the right keywords and keeping content to acceptable lengths. Optimizing search engine results includes fast site speeds, appealing to the right audiences and using the right methods to do so.

#1 Use Social Media Networks

Social media networks are how a lot of consumers become aware of a brand or company. The impression the company leaves with that consumer in regards to content delivery; relevance and advertising technique all play a role in the success of a specific campaign.

The practice of using social signals is also suggested. This means that you need to target specific audiences and markets with advertisements and link them to appropriate content on the website directly.

#2 Optimize Website Speed

There is nothing that annoys consumers more than a slow website. On average, consumers spend one minute searching for what they want on a website. If the website takes that long to load completely, they will find another source to fill their need. It is important to select a web hosting provider that offers scaled speeds. This means that the speed of the website adjusts according to the flow of Internet traffic to the website and functions quickly for all users without a hiccup.

#3 Use Email Marketing

Many business owners have given up on email marketing tactics. The fact of the matter is this is still the best direct sales marketing strategy to direct consumers to a website. The key to successful email marketing is to tie in the content of the marketing campaign with relevant content on the website. Create direct links to content within the website and to specific products.

Make sure that the content in the marketing campaign does not repeat any content that is already on the website. The best way to effectively receive a return on investment in an email marketing campaign is to deliver fresh content every time.

#4 Mobile-Friendly Websites

Websites have to be mobile-friendly in order to be a success. As mentioned above, most consumers are completely mobile or have a mobile-device. When on-the-go, consumers access web pages and email from these devices. They rely on these devices to keep them up-to-date on news, in contact with family and access websites. In 2015, companies that do not have mobile-friendly websites are expected to see a decrease in profits.

#5 Keep Content Current

When you own a website, it is an absolute must that the content remains fresh and relevant. If you have a specific piece of content up for an event or special occasion, be sure to replace that content with something fresh immediately after the event is over. When consumers see specific content left up for an event that ended a week or days prior, it tells them that the company is not interested in keeping the public updated. It turns them away due to the lack of attention to detail and timeliness of removing dead content.

In order to increase revenues and make your online reputation better, the SEO techniques mentioned above must be implemented. However, as long as the simple steps mentioned above are applied effectively, you will have little to worry about.


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