5 Ways to Improve Social Media CTRs

Social media click-through rates (CTRs) are essential for any business looking to increase traffic on their website. The problem is if people are just spreading your content around but not actually clicking on it, you’re wasting your time. Without a solid increase in traffic, your social media campaign is nothing more than a failure.

Let’s take a look at five ways you can increase the number of people clicking on your ads.

1. Give them a Reason to Click

Social media has, sadly, encouraged an influx of utter rubbish online; not that complete tosh didn’t exist before. The difference is now it tends to be concentrated on social media. You can’t just share the first thought that comes into your head in case someone decides to click.

Put some thought into your status updates. Give people a reason to click by sharing insightful content that teaches them something new. 

2. Use Your Normal Voice

Many companies make the mistake of putting on their marketing tone. The problem is people tend to ignore these voices. They’re filled with corporate cleanliness. Those who browse social media want to interact with real people not companies.

Try to give straight answers to any questions and queries. Act like a friend not a politician. Be willing to have an opinion, and put it forward as someone on the street would.

Speak as a normal person. Be authentic in what you say. It should feel like they’re talking to a real human being behind the computer screen, not someone who had to send their latest Tweet to quality control first.

3. The Shelf Life of a Status Update

Social media updates have short life spans. They usually last for a couple of hours before they disappear from most people’s news feeds. Instead of relying on new content each and every time, repurpose old content by rewriting it.

Try posting some content in the morning and repeating it in a different way when the evening comes. By doing this, you’re making sure you catch as many people as you possibly can.

There are plenty of software options for scheduling social media updates in this way.

4. Data-Driven Marketing Wins

Always analyse the response you get to each type of status update. The fact is driving a social media campaign based on data will always win out in the end.

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For example, studies have shown that actually writing the term ‘click’ in a Tweet will increase the number of clicks by 50%. You wouldn’t immediately think it worked this way because it sounds too good to be true, but the data doesn’t lie.

Looking at facts and figures shows what you didn’t see. It offers new avenues you can exploit for better CTRs.

There are so many ways you can analyse your marketing campaigns. Options like Google Analytics are absolutely essential for this. There are other third-party software options, as well. Always make sure you have the details on what people are responding to and what they aren’t responding to.

5. Headlines Make CTRs

There’s more to better CTRs than what you do on social media. Presumably, you have new content on your website that you want people to see. Whenever you post a new piece of content on Twitter or Facebook, you’re promoting the article title. Great headlines will encourage people to click, whereas weaker headlines won’t.

You want to come up with something that explains what the article is about yet grabs the attentions of readers. This is difficult to do with common topics, but you need to come up with a winning way of drawing people in because it’s the first thing they see from you.

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