5 Ways to Make a Fortune With no Talent or Skills

Everyone wants to get rich. Maybe you dream of dethroning Bill Gates as the world’s richest person, and laugh at everyone who thought you were good for nothing. Unfortunately for some people, they day dream of owning big executive yachts, with a bevy of beautiful girls on one hand and fine wine on the other, and do nothing to achieve that. You will certainly die poorer than your church mouse when all you do is sit, sleep and snore like a grunting pig or just spend your day singing animal farm. So, what do you do?

People like Walt Disney and Bill Gates got rich through their hobbies and talents and you are probably thinking that you can never make it based on talent. When you look at your school grades, the only thing you seem to always hear in class is D and that’s why you only score D’s. Not to worry though, there are five ways of getting rich with no talents or skills, as we will see below.

1. Entertaining People in the Streets

You have perhaps walked in town and stood mouth wide open, marveling at the things street entertainers do. Maybe you have occasionally disregarded them as very poor people struggling to survive. Just so you know, your average street entertainer could be earning far much more than you do!

While you softly strangle yourself with a tie every morning to go to that awful job, a street entertainer wakes up jovial and more optimistic than you. All he needs is to carry a guitar for example, dress like he only needed to cover his nakedness and a briefcase to receive cheap donations from you.

While you throw a quarter in that briefcase, feeling sorry for the homeless man, who sings how his wife left him for a better man, remember this man earns about $20 an hour, which is tax free.

book by long-time busker, Johnnie Mac, covers all the basics of street entertaining, teaching you how to make a fortune in the streets. You could be the worst singer like Rainbow Johnson who croaks during family karaoke sessions in Blackish, yet make a fortune in the streets just like Robin Williams when they were buskers.

You can also simply mime or fortune tell. Who cares? There are lots of frustrated people to entertain in the streets.

2. Donating Sperms

You have probably been practicing for this job since middle school when you first ejaculated. All you need to have is a healthy libido and great genetics. This is a job that has very little investment, but skyrocketing Return On Investment (ROI). You only need to buy a lubricant which probably the hospital will provide for free anyway to facilitate a smoother hand to gland combat, and also eat black raspberries when your libido is low.

For just a few minutes of your time, you can liquidate (catch my drift?) $100 depending on the sperm bank you are donating to. Other banks offer up to $500 per shot, but there is a condition. You have to agree to an ‘Open ID’ status whereby your offspring could potentially appear at your doorstep years later.

Did I mention that all the ‘downloading’ will happen in a private room with screens showing crazy pornography? Think of this as a paid w**king session. You are free to do this thrice a week, which translates to $12,000 per year. If you choose the ‘Open ID’ plan, then we are talking roughly $50,000 per year. To make more, don’t just visit one sperm bank, there are many waiting for you to supply.

Ladies can also earn by donating their eggs, earning approximately $5,000 per cycle. The next time you feel you need quick money, don’t rob a bank, just unzip and do the paid deed.

3. Diving in a Dumpster

Who said that Tom Daley was the only person who could make millions from diving? You could also make a fortune by diving…into a dumper! So, what qualifications do dumpster champions need? Nothing, simply the ability to dig deeper than a mole I guess.

And wait, we don’t actually mean that you are digging into the trash to get our leftover pies and turkey after Thanksgiving. No! We mean looking for valuable and tradable items in ‘dumps’. How, you ask? Read on.

Who collects all the scrap metal you produce? You guessed right-a dumpster diver. Taking beer or soda cans to a recycler could earn you 20 cents a pound. Imagine collecting these from every home after Christmas? I guess your boxing day would get much better.

Suppose you worked all year round? Simple mathematics: Americans generate 4 billion pounds of soda and beer cans a year and it only takes 25 cans to fill a pound. Now do the math even if you failed elementary school. You will be rich!

4. Volunteering as a Human Guinea Pig

Scientific research is based on trial and error. And when you volunteer to be a human guinea pig, you end up as either a good trial or a fatal error. Anyone can indulge in this occupation which could pay $1500 for just two days- if you survive to enjoy your money, of course. Such well paying gigs require you to be in chronic pain to qualify.

This could be your chance to get into med school, even if you were at the tail end of your senior year class. Not as a student of course, but as play toy for your former class nerds to poke here and there, while you earn $15 an hour. Who cares?

This is a perfectly safe job because the best researchers are handling the specimen-you. Okay, scratch that! There is NO guarantee that this is a safe job. Ironically, your silver lining lies in this risk. The riskier it gets, the more your pocket swells.

Some time ago, 11 humans were put in one room with a tuberculosis patient, to aid in a study that aimed to establish whether healthy humans would contact TB if exposed to a TB patient. These 11 people were so elated when they contracted the disease, not because they knew there was a cure, but because they had gotten free millions as compensation.

Wondering who else has benefited from this job? Nick, a 36-year old man is a full-time guinea pig who has earned $80,000 in just two years. Nick is one of the 10,000 million human lab rats needed each year in the U.S. and he does not regret it. At least this job helped him get over his belonephobia and pay off his $12,000 college loan.

5. Begging

Do you know that guy who sits on the alley with a big cardboard, pleading for your help because he is homeless and broke? You could be that guy too. Well, not making fun based on the legit cases. But c’mon, we all know a few lazy Joes who opt to sit there all day, leaving quarters in the jar while hiding the real notes in his inner jacket pocket, to seem really hopeless.

A small story is told of a guy who walked around begging for medical help, with hanging intestines outside his stomach. Well, people used to really empathize with him until one day, a medic pulled out the ‘intestines’ to the shock of many.

Anyway, legit or not, beggars make a freaking $300 a day, totaling to about $100,000 a year. Well, that money could buy your pride and you could in turn comfortably sit on the streets daily to earn tax-free money.

Money makes the world go round; therefore you can’t afford to be left out in this rollercoaster. You don’t need to be super-talented or with amazing skills to get rich in this world. Devise easy and legit ways to make money.

Have you ever made money without any skill or talent? Tell us about it in the comments section below.