5 Ways to Market Your Business With Four Square

Four Square is one of the lesser known social media networks. It’s a location-based network where customers using it can check in whenever they visit a business. So far, there are one million businesses registered on the network.

You might be wondering why you would ever want to be featured on Four Square, and why you would bother wasting your time on it.

The truth is it’s perhaps the best network to tackle the problem of making yourself known to your local clientele. The reason for this, is it only targets local clientele. You won’t have to put up with a random person from Uganda finding out about your business if you are based in California. Your resources will be placed on real customers in your area.

Establish Yourself

To market your business, you need to establish yourself in the local area. This can be done from the Four Square phone app. Attempt to check if your business is already listed on Four Square. If the location appears, someone has already added you, which means you’ve already managed to achieve some local reach.

In the event it isn’t there, you can add it. Add as much information as possible. Now others will be able to find your business as well. This is the most basic way to market your business on Four Square.

Four Square Specials

Once you open up a merchant account, you can access the Four Square specials. This gives you the chance to offer special discounts exclusively for customers who use Four Square. The way it works is users check in to your business and they automatically get the discount.

This encourages people to use this platform because they get more value for money. You’re giving your customers a tangible reward. This is an advantage not offered by other platforms.

These specials can also apply to loyal customers, so people who check in more than once can be entitled to better exclusive discounts.

Four Square Pages

There’s a difference between adding your venue to Four Square and creating its own fan page. This is the equivalent of making a Facebook fan page. It allows you to give customers live updates from your business and really make people feel close to the brand.

You can add photos, Q&A sessions, and all manner of status updates. It’s also good for adding opening and closing times. Imparting information quickly creates the right impression for your customers.

Leave Tips

Tips are pieces of information left by customers. They’re essentially small reviews. Tips are similar to Tweets that are anchored to a specific location, or that’s how Four Square prefers to describe them. Customers can leave location-specific information, such as where they should park and what tables they should sit at.

Reviews are so important when marketing your business. Studies have shown online reviews can have the same impact as speaking to a friend face-to-face.

Partner Badge and the Importance Of

Customers want to know a business is reputable. One way to do this is through the Four Square partner badge. Apply for a partner badge and for a small fee your business will receive official endorsement from the social media network itself. You have to apply through the proper channels, but Four Square offers full guidance on how you should go about doing this.

The partner badge can make you stand out and gives you the credibility you deserve. Little touches like this can mean the difference between a customer choosing your business or the business next door.

As it should be clear by despite its relatively small size, Four Square is a vital tool for business especially if you are targeting a local market.

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