5 Ways to Organize a Successful Charity Event Within Your Company


When people organize a charity event, they often turn to clients, suppliers, and outsiders as the means of raising funds. But what about the people that you work with? Couldn’t they serve as a source of income for the charity event?

The truth is that many of your co-workers would be willing to give to charity if it was presented to them in the right way. They may not have a lot of money to spend, but you will find that they will part with it if it gets them something they want.

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Here are a few ways to organize a successful charity event within your company:

1. Benefit Dinner

Who doesn’t love a good dinner? You’ll find that there are many catering companies that are willing to offer you a discount on benefit dinners organized to raise funds for charities or you can opt for a lower-budget catering company. You’ll want to put out feelers to make sure that your co-workers are actually willing to attend, but if you have enough people interested, you’ll find that selling seats at the benefit dinner (co-workers can bring family and friends to the event) will be a great way to raise funds for your charity.

2. Silent Auction

Everyone wants to win something awesome! You’d be amazed by how many people have stuff lying around their homes that they would never use, but that someone else definitely wants. You can ask everyone to bring something to auction off, and offer a few larger prizes (trips, vacation packages, concerts or sports tickets, etc. – you can get these donated). All of the proceeds from the auction will go toward the charity.

3. Raffle

Imagine being able to raffle off something awesome like a flatscreen TV or a brand new dining room set. You may have to spend a bit of money to purchase the item being raffled off, but if you sell enough raffle tickets, you’ll recoup your investment many times over. (Note: You can definitely ask the manufacturer or retailer for a steep discount due to the fact that the proceeds will go to charity).

4. Sports Event

Want to really liven things up at your charity event? Have a few members of your company enlist as athletes for the sports competition of your choice – basketball, football, soccer, running races, mud runs, etc. You can take good-natured "wagers" on the outcome of the game, and give prizes to those who win. Sell tickets to the game to earn a bit of money for your charity.

5. Evening of Fun and Entertainment

What could be better than a relaxing evening at a local comedy club or listening to a live band? Talk to a local club or bar about letting you host your event there, preferably on one of their slow nights. Close off the bar and bring in a bit of live entertainment for your co-workers, and sell tickets to cover the cost of the event, the entertainment, and raise a bit extra to go to charity.

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Throwing a successful charity event within your company can be a challenge, but it is possible! The above events may be just what will help your coworkers make donations that will go to a good cause.




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