5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Catering Company

If there is one market that is highly competitive, it’s the catering industry. From well-known restaurants to family-owned caterers, this area of business offers a wide variety of industry professionals that can meet budgets, surpass expectations and provide high-quality food and service. 

Although the catering model is one that has hardly been updated in the last couple of decades, the market has begun to recover from the Great Recession, which forced businesses to tighten their belts and refrain from spending their budgets on catering for office parties or business functions. This is beginning to change. 

Corporations are embracing catering again because it’s actually quite cost-effective. Instead of going out to a restaurant and spending $1,000 (plus tip) and two hours, companies are hiring a caterer and then spend that amount of time at the office. It’s a prudent business measure. 

Due to the fact that there are thousands of catering firms in the United States today - there are tens of thousands all over the world - they have to stay ahead of the competition and progress to introduce new standards that can benefit the customer. 

Whether you’re brand new to the field or you’re a seasoned professional, here are five ways to rejuvenate your catering company: 

1. Business & Personal Menus 

As previously noted, businesses are starting to hire caterers again because it’s a lot more affordable than heading to a restaurant. This is why you should have two sets of menus: one for business and one for personal gatherings, events and parties. The former could be more upscale, while the latter could be a lot more personal and easy to consume. There are a variety of ways to construct a menu. 

2. Equipment 

Are your catering equipment, cutlery, dishes and appliances more than a decade old? Well, perhaps it’s time to start upgrading your equipment and tools in order to be more effective in your duties. A vast number of advancements have been made in an array of fields, including the food industry. You can take advantage of this to boost revenues and beat your competitors. 

3. Van 

Similar to the quality of your equipment, your van may be next in line to begin upgrading. A van showcases your brand and depicts the company everywhere you go. Therefore, investing in a brand new van that is spacious and clean should be at the top of your corporate to-do list this year. 

4. Customer Service 

Labor is the biggest cost for any firm, and this does include catering. Your staff members will serve food, present the dishes and prepare the menu items. Since the minimum wage is going up everywhere, you should hire the best and most experienced customer service representatives as possible. They have to be polite, attentive and knowledgeable about the food. The way your employees represent the brand can determine if your catering company will be hired again. 

5. Internet Marketing 

It may be expensive to do, but incorporating an Internet marketing scheme for your catering firm can certainly make you move up to that next level. An Internet marketing plan is more than just being actively involved in social media. Mobile marketing, such as mobile applications and mobile websites, is the largest wave entering the digital advertising realm and your catering firm should do this. 

Here are a few features to mull over: 

·      Smartphone app 

·      Mobile tracker 

·      Mobile commerce 

·      Mobile-friendly website 

post vacancies
post vacancies

·      Instant mobile communication 

Let’s be honest: there are fantastic cooks all over the world so why not share your gift with the consuming base through a catering company? Caterers thrive on pressure and enjoy seeing a huge number of guests enjoy their food. A catering company can be a lot more affordable to own and operate than a restaurant, so remember this if your firm falls into the red. 




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