5 Ways to Release Your Inner Control Freak

control freak boss

You know you are a control freak and you can’t hide it. You stress over simple things everyday just because you want to be in control of every situation. You are taking charge of everything like your life depends on it and you see yourself jumping in, but there is nothing you can do about it, or is there?  

The best thing to do for the situation is to release control rather than take control; explore the cause of the problem and create some strategies so that it can be improved.

Just follow these tips to become less of a control freak:

#1 Identify the root of the problem

Admit that what you are doing is damaging to yourself and try to identify why you are behaving this way. It could be insecurity, fear of failure, being a perfectionist or not trusting anyone else to do a task. Either way, you find that most of the times this gets you nowhere. What you need to do is discover what causes your controlling behaviour by reviewing your actions and what influenced you to get there. Perhaps you could take on philosophy classes; it will help you discover your inner peace and balance so that you improve the quality of your life.

#2 Delegate work to others

Acknowledge that you can’t control everything; that is humanely impossible! Let go of your ego and start delegating small tasks to others. You could even train them if you feel they need to do certain things the way you do it. By doing this, you will find how great it feels to rely on others to do the job and how good it feels to be able to help them develop more confidence. In fact, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe your co-workers are better at something that you are not.

#3 Take some time off

Perhaps you are a control freak because you are a workaholic, which is not a bad thing. You want everything to be perfect and don’t like getting behind on your workload. Sometimes though all you can do is to take a step back, so that you take a chance to breathe and relax. 

#4 Learn how to be a true leader

So you want to get things done within the hour and because of this you end up bossing your colleagues around all the time. Well that’s just mean. Just think, will they be able to work as effectively as before you started screaming at them? No. You are therefore essentially setting them up for failure. If you want to be a true leader you need to value your team’s efforts. This is how you learn to be a part of an effective and productive team.

#5 Give up control in a small area of your life

Choose to give up control in one small area of your life and you will experience what it feels like not to be constantly in control of everything. Just for once, let other people decide what you are having for dinner or where you are going for a night out. No matter what you do make sure that you are letting others take the lead and that you are just going to relax and enjoy the ride!

Being in control is not always a bad thing but there is a point where it goes too far. Always make sure that you aware of your extremes so that you are able to assess whether you are being controlling or not.

Do you think you are a control freak? Leave your comments below.