5 Ways to Respond to Your Invisible Audience on Social Media


Only a small fraction of the people using the Internet contribute content. Some estimates state that as many as ninety percent of the people visiting any given site will simply observe and read the content, and not contribute to the discussion. For those that make a living through social media, it is vital to maximize the number of people who respond and share the posts you have written. Here are five things to keep in mind when trying to achieve this:

Meet Them Where They Talk

Not everyone uses social media the same way. For instance, a majority of teenagers utilize texting as their predominate mobile form of communication. So, instead of asking them to share a post to their friends on Facebook or Twitter, ask them to share the link through a text message. This will allow them to share your content through a medium that they utilize on a daily basis, and you will still see an increased share of traffic to your post and site.

Consistency is Key

When trying to convince people to form a community around your posts and articles, it is vital that they know you will be there for the long haul. The best way to accomplish this is to have a consistent record for creating web content. A general rule of thumb is to try to post something every day, and to have material ready to post during times where you cannot create unique content.

The important thing is for readers to feel certain that if they start a conversation, it can be continued in the future.

Invite a Discussion

Few people reply to articles because they do not have a prompt to do so. Instead of just leaving a blank comment form, end the article with a question that can serve as a start for a meaningful discussion. For instance, if the article discusses kittens, invite readers to talk about their first cat.

It is important that you remember to engage in these conversations as well since the impetus will be on you to create a friendly and engaging environment for a discussion to occur in.

Utilize Third Party Analytics

Utilize third party tools to better understand your silent audience. It is often possible to determine the demographic of the people reading your articles and posts, giving you the ability to better target them in future publications.

The goal is to create engaging content that directly speaks to them, inviting them to join the conversation and potentially provide material for future articles. Additionally, a well targeted article will create organic growth through web search engines, potentially bringing in more people than a generic article created without sufficient background information.

Be Yourself

A good writer will introduce himself to the reader, and stick to his guns. If you are a liberal, then make sure that your articles are in line with liberal ideology. If you are a cat lover, do not suddenly create a series about the best cat flavored treats for dogs. The Internet is filled with numerous people looking for inconsistency and will mercilessly create havoc on your sites and comment feeds if they spot you stepping out of character.

So, when you create your digital persona, make sure to follow it.

Trying to engage as many people as possible is a challenge that you will face every day. By creating unique and well targeted articles, you will, hopefully, maximize the number of people willing to join in a conversation. Remember - people are social creatures, they just need the proper incentive.




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