5 Ways You Might Be Using Your Smartphone Wrong

Now don’t get me wrong I am not going to tell you what part of your face the manufacturer intended you to hold your phone against or how to send an email with a picture attachment so you can spam your friends with your pug in a bow tie. I would like to share with you a few little tricks that could help you squeeze the last little bit of functionality out of your favorite device. It won’t help you hack a government data base or help them hack your database but it will definitely make your life a little easier and safer.

1. Android Data Encryption

This is a more recent addition to the android OS 4.4, it give the user the ability to encrypt all data on the device. When used in combination with an alpha-numeric code to lock your screen the information on your phone should be more secure than airport security on high alert, without the full body scan or a cavity search.

2.  Camera Flash Notification

Are you in a dark movie theater and still want to see notifications from your Facebook friends about vegan eating and the latest soy-gluten-lactose free lifestyle? Well, annoy everyone around you by enabling your smartphone’s camera flash to go off every time you have a notification. Best part of this is everyone on the subway, bus or office will think you’re taking candid photos of them, and who doesn’t like that? Also convenient in a quiet environment where no one would notice a sun-like blast of light!

3. Turn off music after a specific amount of time

Both Android and iPhone give you the ability to stop the music playing when the timer runs out. A great way to use this is to hide your phone in a cabinet or drawer, start playing music, and when your roommate asks you: “Do you hear music?” say no. Let the timer run out go back to the area your phone is in and tell them you can’t hear anything. Repeat for best results or until insanity sets in.

4. Find a stolen phone

Apple and Android devices have this capability, but for android you will have to download "Where’s My Droid" or an equivalent app. This is an especially convenient app for mobile devices as they are, well mobile and prone to loss. Especially useful for jealous/ overly attached boyfriends/ girlfriends, just download the app to your significant other’s smartphone and watch their every move. Proceed with caution though as this could result in break-ups and restraining orders.

5. Don’t share your location

They say love is a battlefield and if your S.O. is using your phone to track you, you might want to stay one step ahead of them. What are relationships afterall if not a constant struggle to outdo each other and try to catch them in a lie? Worry not though because someone at Apple and Android must have had an overly suspicious/ overly attached / stalkeresque significant other, and have added an addition to the device to allow it to not send its location. Sneak around in confidence!

Do you have any other points to add to our list? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts!




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