5 Ways You're Preventing Your Success

Sometimes career goals can seem impossible. How could you ever set up a business, change your career completely, or make management? But your dreams can become reality. There are things you can do to fulfill your dreams, but there may be things you're doing right now which are preventing you from ever fulfilling your dreams. Here's five ways you could be preventing your own success.

1. You don't know where to start- so you never do

Your goals seem daunting, so you give up before you've even started. While the path to being top dog or starting a new business venture might seem like an uphill struggle, breaking it down into actions you need to do will make it seem less terrifying. Say you want to start an online magazine. You could break down your dream like this: Work out a budget, decide on a name for the magazine, advertise for writers and hire a tech person to set up the site. Once you've done that, you can figure out other details like how much you'll need to pay your staff and whether you can save up for this, get sponsors or approach your bank for a loan.

2. You're already hard-wired for failure

Remember placebos? Those sugar pills that can cure people who think they're being given medicine? If you have a negative attitude and are primed for failure, it's unlikely you will succeed. If you’re struggling to trust in your ability, take a few moments to write down all your successes and achievements. Give yourself permission to be someone who can achieve your dream- whether that dream is making partner, getting promoted or a career change.

3. You think you don't have the skills or experience

You weren't born knowing how to operate a computer or take a meeting. You could go to night school or take a part time college or University course to learn new skills. Try recording TV shows or saving socialising for the weekends, and you'll soon see that you have free time for learning new skills. And don't forget the experience you already have! When I was interviewed for my last administrative job, I was asked if I had experience in customer service. I replied that I did, referring to my previous jobs. My interviewer asked, "wouldn't content writing involve customer service too?" Of course it does, but I hadn't realised it!

4. You haven't made your goal your main priority

If you think your dreams are unimportant or unrealistic, or put your kids before yourself, you'll never follow your dreams. Successful people work hard to reach their career goals even if it takes a long time. Working hard is important when it comes to reaching your dream. You might have to work two jobs at one time. 

5. You don't have a back-up plan/are scared of failure

Not knowing what you'll do if you don't achieve your goals can stress you out and make you so afraid of failure that you never try to achieve your goal in the first place. The key is to remember that many successful people have had lots of failures along the way. If you want to be successful, you should prepare yourself for the worst. Identifying the potential worst-case scenarios and bad outcomes can help ensure that you are only taking calculated risks. Learning from your mistakes if you fail can actually be beneficial to you in the future. Having alternative career plans in mind if your dream falls through is a good idea to avoid fear of failure.

Are you doing one of these things without realising it? If you are, you could be holding yourself back. Your mindset and confidence can have a great impact on your career trajectory- not to mention your social and family life too. If you steer clear of the above mistakes and negative thoughts, your road to success will be much easier.