5 Ways Your Brand Can Use Periscope

Twitter Bird Periscope

Do you want your brand to interact with your audience in an entirely new way? Twitter’s new live-streaming video application, Periscope, may be the perfect way to accelerate your brand to new heights and achieve a competitive advantage.

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Periscope, which was released in May, allows users to broadcast and watch live video from all over the world. Media outlets could live-stream a protest taking place in London while celebrities hold Q&A sessions with fans. Although the video app is still in its infancy, brands are already beginning to take advantage of it.

Last month, Nestle made headlines when it ran its very first branded video stream campaign on Periscope. Nestle used the summer solstice as a campaign theme for its initial branded marketing effort on the live-video stream. Nestle based the campaign around the Drumstick and utilized an array of video streams to promote the ice cream product. It also hired several Periscope personalities to stream video of summertime scenes.

One plastic surgeon even performed a live breast augmentation on Periscope in June.

With a wide variety of businesses, personalities and brands starting to incorporate Periscope into their business models, how can you start to use the video app? Here are 5 ways your brand can use Periscope today:

1. Live Technical Support

What better way to connect with customers than to give them live tech support. If a client submits a ticket and has an inquiry that is difficult to explain through phone or email, then you can live-stream your support to customers. Remember, it’s always better to show than tell, especially when it comes to support.

2. A Look Behind the Scenes

If you’re an established brand that has been around for years, then engage with your audience by giving them a live behind the scenes look at your company. You can do this by showcasing how products are made, how orders are fulfilled and how the team works together. This would be a great marketing gimmick to show the human side of your business.

3. Live Tutorials & Q&A Sessions

As noted, a plastic surgeon held a Periscope session where he performed a surgery, recorded and answered questions throughout. You can transfer this method over to your business by holding live tutorials or sponsoring Q&A sessions. If you want to show off your industry prowess or want to connect with your audience then live tutorials and Q&A sessions are the best way to do this.

4. Announcing Flash Sales for Periscope Users

Looking to improve sales on a Tuesday? Then announce flash sales particularly for Periscope users. It would work in the same vein as mobile app users or email subscribers in the sense that 25 percent discounts would be provided specifically to those who sign up for the brand’s Periscope account.  

5. New Product Demonstrations

A new product has been developed, and it’s available for launch soon. In order to gain some buzz or generate excitement among your brand’s audience, live-stream a product demonstration. For about 15 minutes, you can highlight the product’s new functions, how it was designed and answer any questions potential customers may have about the item in question. 

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Brands in all niches attempt to gain a competitive advantage. If one of your rivals has only just launched a social media marketing strategy - they’re obviously very behind the times - then this is your opportunity to generate an upper hand by taking advantage of a new, cutting edge technology. Your brand can appear to be at the forefront of the latest tech advancements, and Periscope is just one of the latest to help you achieve this depiction.

It is important to remember that these tips and suggestions can be used not just by businesses but personal brands, too, like freelancers, contractors and journalists.

Have you started using Periscope yet? Will you continue to use it?




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