5 “What If” Dilemmas you are Most likely to have in your Career

How many times have you had a “what if” moment about your career? There have probably been several moments in your career when you have felt uncertain about what was going to happen. If you are a young professional, you are more likely to have many doubts in your mind.   

As reported by CareerBuilder, 47% of professionals worked in positions that were unrelated to their chosen career route. In fact, there are very few who have landed in their dream jobs straightaway.   Even if you have had good opportunities come your way, you may still have fears in your mind.

Here are seven “what if” moments you may experience in your career. These are listed out to help you approach them wisely.

1. "What if I am unable to find a job?”

This is the number one uncertainty that is most likely to come to you.

No matter whether you have been jobless for three weeks or three months, the wisest thing to do would be to keep searching. Job hunting may be time-consuming and stressful, but it is crucial for you to persevere. Think of different ways you may be going wrong, prepare tailor-made cover letters and resumes and rethink your job-search strategies. Often small changes make big impacts.

2. “What if I decide to resign?”

The moment you realise that you are not fond of the job you are doing, then this question is most likely to rise in your mind.

Quitting a job should not be an instant decision. Think of why you want to quit. If you are not satisfied with your job for specific problems, think of ways to solve it. If you decide to quit due to lack of career growth, then you may probably want to look for a new job.

3. What if I have to relocate?

Relocating could mean moving to a place within your state or travelling across the ocean. And that’s yet another major decision you may have to make in your life, if you are asked to relocate.

The best thing to do before making a decision on this is to jot down all the pros and cons of relocating to a new place. The next thing you would probably want to do is decide whether the shift would help you accomplish your long-term goals. You must also consider the cost involved (if you are assuming the expenses) and the sacrifices you would be making. If you are not positive about relocating, then don’t take a chance. If you are still doubtful about the decision, you must probably be more objective and go ahead (especially if you can reverse the move whenever you want).

4. “What if I want to start my own business soon?”

There is nothing like having your own business or enjoying the yields of your efforts. When you start your own business, you are more independent, flexible and can be creative when you want. However you should remember that all businesses don’t run well.

To help yourself make a smart move, it is important for you to do all your homework properly. Determine how you are going to carry your business. One question you should ask yourself is “Do I have what is required to support myself until my business starts picking up?” You should also consider the pros and cons including the work-life balance and all the sacrifices you will be making for owning a business.  

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CV Writing Services

5.  ‘What if I plan to make a career switch?’              

This is one of the most common dilemma young professionals have these days. You might have had fancy career plans in your college days. When you are up in the real world, you might realise that those plans actually don’t work.

Such hurdles are most likely to happen when you are young. If you are not happy with your current job, you must determine if the position is ever going to fulfill your long-time goals. You can also determine whether or not your present projects and assignments are giving you a sense of purpose. If the answer is ‘no’, it’s probably time to look for another position.

If you experience a ‘what if’ moment in your life, do not panic. Instead, have a positive attitude and stay focused. Your roller coaster job experience should make you strong and give you clarity.

If you have experienced any other career-related dilemmas in your life, share it with us and also tell us how you have overcome the situation.  


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