5 WordPress Gallery Plugins


Many websites have a gallery section where images, photos and graphics are displayed. WordPress offers a wide range of plugins that can help you improve the functionality and look of your gallery. Most of these plugins give you the option of choosing between a basic, free license and a premium package with more advanced features.

1. WP Canvas – Gallery

WP Canvas is the best plugin for sites that display many large images. It is not only super fast; it also showcases your images in an attractive way on your pages. This plugin allows you to showcase your galleries in a wide range of capabilities and options. For instance, you can display your gallery on a page as thumbnails or as a slider. It comes with a wide range of elegant slider styles.

2. Gmedia Gallery

This plugin comes with 13 dynamic and unique options for displaying your images. For example, you can display your images in a large slide style or as thumbnails. The sliders are important especially for people who view your site on touchscreens. Gmedia Gallery also comes with various animation style options, as well as amazing 3D styles. Besides image files, this plugin allows you to display videos and music, complete with descriptions and a download button.

3. Photo Gallery

Compared to other gallery plugins, Photo Gallery stands out because of its seamless mobile viewing. The premium version of this responsive plugin also offers seamless social media sharing. It comes with an attractive lightbox which has a black border and matching social media buttons. All the image thumbnails have a slider at the top which enables easy navigation and viewing. When hovering over a thumbnail, you will see a small animation which enhances its appearance. Photo Gallery gives you the option of adding a protective watermark to your images. However, you can also offer your images for downloading. The premium version comes with multiple gallery styles, image commenting, social sharing, and six months of support.

4. Huge-IT Gallery

This plugin not only showcases images but also videos. You can choose from different gallery styles from the basic thumbnail view to masonry, pop content view, lightbox, and sliders. Huge-IT Gallery is quick and responsive, thus giving your visitors a pleasant experience regardless of the device they are using. It allows you to display optimized images on your site, thus ensuring a fast loading speed.

5. NextGEN Gallery

With almost 12 million downloads, this is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin. It comes with a powerful engine for managing and uploading galleries of images. You can batch upload, edit thumbnails, import meta data, group galleries into albums, rearrange/sort/delete/add images, among many other things. In addition, NextGEN Gallery comes with several options for controlling timing, lightbox effects, size, style, controls and transitions. It allows you to choose between two display styles: thumbnail galleries and slideshows. You can add watermarks to individual images or batches of images.

All these are great plugins for managing your WordPress galleries. However, to know which one best suits your needs, you will need to take time test them out.


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