5 Words to Describe Your Company Culture


Jobseekers aren’t the only ones who are working hard. To try and lure candidates into applying for open positions, employers are doing whatever they can. Some advertise their positions on social media, others create catchy job advertisements or give out freebies at a networking event to make their company culture unforgettable to skilled candidates. But not everything is merry and jolly, and some employers find it hard to communicate what they have to offer to prospective employees.

Apart from a good salary, the next most desirable thing you can offer to an employee is a good work environment. How can you represent your company as the ideal place to be and a place with all the comforts a jobseeker could ask for? Since no organisation can compete with Google on the countless of benefits it offers to its employees; you have to make your company culture as appealing as possible.

How would you describe your company culture to bring in more recruits? Here are some of the words that you can use to promote your business as the best place to work:

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1. Fun

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A company’s culture is its brand. That’s what makes it unique and puts it amongst the top organisations on a jobseeker’s list. When describing your culture as fun, you give the impression that employees are relaxed, flexible and allowed to enjoy themselves. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be happy in their job and approach every day with laughter? The best workplace is the one that allows employees to have some fun.

2. Weird

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A work environment can be weird in a good way. What’s clever about using ‘weird’ to describe your company culture is that it gives the impression that your business allows the weird to be heard and as such encourages everyone’s individual personality traits. Since everyone is weird in one way or another, they shouldn’t have a problem fitting into an environment that embraces creativity and some eccentricity. Zappos is doing a pretty good job of combining ‘fun and weird’ together.

3. Transparent

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Transparency means trust and makes you feel part of a group, which is always a good thing. Companies (see Buffer) who can offer this to their employees are considered to be amongst the top performing and successful businesses in the world. Using the word ‘transparent’ to describe your organisation’s culture, presents the work environment as a safe and secure place to be and shows potential hires that once they join the company, they will know what to expect and what it is expected from them.

4. Open

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Google describes it’s company culture as ‘open’ which indicates a welcoming attitude and friendly environment to work in. Even though it seems to contrast the competitiveness that must be present in high-performing companies like Google, the word encourages jobseekers to make different – more positive assumptions about the company. An open culture could also refer to being flexible and comfortable with change.

5. Diverse

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Diversity is the element that characterises Apple’s company culture. It explains why the company wants to hire people from diverse backgrounds and bring different perspectives to the table to increase innovation. The word diversity provides references to uniqueness, acceptance and respect. This gives the green light to job applicants from all over the world to apply for a position at the company.

There are many ways you can make your company seem like the perfect place to work. Even if that’s not true – considering that every employee’s requirements are different, you choose what you want your company culture to be like as well as how you want to ‘sell’ it to jobseekers.

So, can you think of at least three words to describe your company culture? Share what you came up with in the comments section below!