5 Worst Habits Crippling Your Personal Growth.


Universal words that strike a chord within all of us. We've all got goals we want to achieve; we're all on the journey of living the dream. Of course, the path is going to be littered with challenges and obstacles. That's no surprise. But often, we don't recognise the obstacles we personally place on the path; the bad habits that cripple and slow down our momentum. 

Here are the 5 worst habits that cripple your personal growth:

1. Validation Overdose

Validation is crucial in the pursuit of your dreams; for developing your product or starting up a business. You need the confidence and assurance for what you intend to put out in the market—that it is going to be profitable.

Validation becomes crippling when you keep seeking more. In reality, it is a mask for your fear. You're using it as a stalling tactic because you're afraid your product will fail. 

Stop gathering validation from as many people as possible. Not everyone has the best advice. Have a small circle of people you trust—once you get positive feedback from them, release your product and put your ideas into action.

2. Perfectionism

It's great to have high standards and expectations, but it's crippling when it slows down your productivity. Find that balance where you expect the best, but you get work done. 

Find out who your competitors are in the market. If your work is up there with the best, then your standards are at a good level. Set the bar high, but make sure you’re still productive. 

3. The Contentment Plateau

Contentment is being happy with your current state of being. That's something we should all strive for—to appreciate the moment. But it shouldn't be disconnected with striving and wanting more. Otherwise, you'll become stagnant and never iterate or improve on your situation. 

Change and progress are wired into the DNA of reality. Not having the desire for growth will only result in misery and frustration. Find contentment in your current circumstances, but have your eyes fixed ahead toward experiencing more.

4. False Accomplishment

Michelangelo said profoundly, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” 

That false sense of accomplishment comes from setting your aim too low and achieving the mark. Set yourself a goal that is far beyond what you can accomplish. Once you've done that, set it even higher. 

It isn't about becoming delusional and losing touch with reality, it's about stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone. Growth tends to happen when you are placed in uncharted territory. 

5. Overlooking People

Tremendous growth comes from picking the brains of others. Mirroring the strategies of others and learning from men and women you cross paths with. However, in emulating the lives of those we look up to, it can be easy to overlook the 'ordinary' person. 

Don't become shut-off to the possibility of learning great lessons from anyone and everyone you meet. You never know what the "average Joe" may be able to teach you or who they may have in their network of friends. 

Take time to do a personal evaluation and see if any of these habits have crept into your lifestyle. Iron them out to keep the momentum going strong as you work towards your goals.