6 Bad Habits Your Boss Doesn’t Want to See

Some people have a lot of bad habits but this doesn’t mean they should show them at work or else they can get fired really easily for a stupid reason.

You might bite your nails or scratch yourself inappropriately, habits that nobody wants to see, but there are certain habits that will land you smack dab in the middle of your boss’s naughty list if he/she sees you doing them. Some might get you reprimanded while others are so vile they will get you fired.

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Considering you have plenty of those bad habits, you might want to read this article.

1. Dishonesty


Some people lie to make themselves more interesting, educated or even credible. If you have a habit of lying then you might want to slow your growing nose because according to psychologist Ann Kaiser Stearns, lying is a great way to completely shipwreck your career. Just to make sure I’ve effectively sent my message; this includes both small and large lies and lying about your qualifications and credentials (which happens more often than you might think). The most infamous CEO liar was Yahoo’s Scott Thompson which claimed to have a Computer Science degree but didn’t. He also wasn’t CEO when Yahoo’s board found out. Another great example is MIT’s Admissions Dean Marilee Jones who also lied about educational credentials and was forced to resign after working up from entry level position. If these people that are at the top rank of administration get the boot for lying, what makes you think you can get away with it?

2. Not Taking Blame

We all mess up once in a while and the best way to get over a failure is to admit to it, assess what went wrong and then try to avoid it next time around; that’s it if you actually admit to your failings, of course. And trust me when I say this: nothing infuriates managers more than differing responsibility for a mistake.  This isn’t the normal type of anger either, this is red-faced, fist (and other parts of their anatomy) tight clenched and steam shooting out of their ears angry. So, get up dust yourself off and admit you made a mistake or mistakes, you will not only be taken more seriously than a five year old pointing at the dog saying: “he did it” but dare I say it might garner some respect.

3. Controlling Emotions


Something that is out and out a completely unprofessional habit is losing your temper at a drop of a hat. Sudden fits of anger that include screaming, cussing and projectile vomiting like the Riley from The Exorcist (actually…that’s not normal you might want to get that checked out/baptized) is disruptive behavior in appropriate in 90% of adult (human) interactions. Instead of losing your mind every time a team member forgets to inform you about something or eats your yogurt that was in the fridge in the break room, step away from the situation, breathe…maybe even go for a walk and reassess it once you are level headed…of course if you really need to break something at least make it a move…get it…bust a move….okay I admit that was a bad joke.

4. Negativity

A clear cut way to the unemployment line is being a Downer Dan. It is not a coincidence that there are pages upon pages of blogs dedicated to workers’ morale, getting motivated and getting out a rut. If you are the type of person that counteracts all those inspirational quotes and posters with kitties haphazardly hanging from trees, then your contract might be terminated quicker than you think. Managers know how important motivation and morale is to productivity and how important productivity is to profit and they also know that they can recruit top talent if their corporate culture seems as depressing as eating heart-shaped pancakes by yourself on Valentine’s Day brunch while crying into your mimosa. If you are negative try to figure out what is at the core of it…it might actually be the job that you have at the moment making it time to resign…I mean, that way you will be saving your HR managers a lot of grief and anxiety from firing you.

5. Rude

rude woman

Kind of tangential with the loose cannon habit is being a crude, rude dude (or dudette).  Basic social skills are crucial in the corporate world especially when you have to deal with people on a daily basis. That includes basic personal hygiene (burping, farting and other voluntary bodily functions should be non-existent), etiquette protocols when eating out are always necessary, since lunches and dinners might involve meeting with clients or other members of the team (licking your fingers and smacking your lips should be avoided) and being discrete is also something you should regularly practice (comments such as “your bald spot looks like Georgia, the country not the state” is probably something better left unsaid).

6. Uncalculated Thinking

Loose cannons can be a ton of fun…in college, but in the professional world flapping your lips without thinking and then z-snapping in the air and say “that who I be” is uncouth and honestly, kind of racist. Stakes are much higher in the corporate world and one verbal misstep could damage relationships that have been worked on for a while at best and at worse completely derail a business agreement that can cost the company labor hours and money. Although honesty is appreciated, honesty and diplomacy is the golden rule. If you are wondering if what you are going to say is inappropriate it probably is and you should keep it to yourself.

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Do you know of any other habits that bosses hate or even have the potential to sink your career? Let us know in the comment section below.




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