6 Beauty Products Cabin Crew Can't Live Without!

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Cabin Crew presentation is really important and you have to look good day and/or night, however jetlagged you are. We also need to keep our packing to a minimum, after all, who wants to drag a heavy suitcase around after a 12 hour flight? We like things that are multi-purpose, practical and preferably mini sized. Great for business or frequent flyers alike as well as for use during the flight and any beauty emergencies down route. Let’s take a look at some of the items we cannot live without …



It is cheap and cheerful and a jack of all trades. The little tin can fit it in your uniform pocket during the flight and no one would know. How do we use it?

#1 Ultra Moisturiser – it soothes and tackles that itchy, dry dehydrated skin

#2 Lip Balm – it can be used to fight off dryness

#3 Lip Gloss – it can be used over lipstick in place of lip gloss, without the stickiness

#4 Cuticle Cream - it can also be used to push back cuticles when tidying a manicure

#5 Highlighter – you can put a little on the top of your cheekbones for a healthy glow

#6 Hair Wax – tame strays and keep hair non frizzy with a touch of Vaseline

#7 Eyebrow Gel - keep your eyebrows neatly groomed

Tea Tree Oil

This truly is a first aid kit in a tiny bottle and an essential item for any traveler. It is native to New Zealand and Australia but now available worldwide. We like to use it as:

#1 Spot Treatment – if we are unlucky enough to get the odd spot this will clear them up quickly

#2 Burns Remedy – tea tree oil is proven to heal burns and prevent blistering and scarring to the skin

#3 Anti-Itch for Bites – it is great for healing up those nasty critter bites

#4 Disinfectant – it can be dabbed on cuts not only to clean up but help them to heal faster

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#5 Multi Purpose Spray – Add to water in a small spray bottle with a drop of lavender oil and it can be a room spray or cooling foot spray as well as an insect repellant

#6 Decongestant – If you have a cold or blocked nose from flying, a waft of tea tree oil will help clear it

Evian Water Mist

These little cans of water really pack a punch and are great for freshening up during the flight. They remain at a cool temperature so are good for hot weather too.

#1 Makeup Setting Spray – a mist of this will help set make up in place for the whole flight

#2 Freshener – just spray on the face during a flight to keep skin feeling hydrated or if it’s a hot day

#3 Foot and Leg Spray – as it keeps cool it is the perfect energizer for tired legs and feet

Elnett Hairspray

These neat little cans of hairspray are not only used for the obvious, but we have another cabin crew trick.

#1 Hairspray – the perfect size for travel as well as being a great product for keeping hair in place without the stickiness or hardness of some products

#2 Hosiery Protector - Spray a small amount onto tights or stockings before the flight and it will stop them from snagging

Mini Toothbrush and Paste

Of course these are always great to have on hand and take up a tiny amount of space in your crew bag.

#1 Dental Care – we like to freshen up during the flight and it helps to make you feel more awake

#2 Spot Cream – if we forgot the tea tree oil, toothpaste also dries out spots but it is best not to try this out mid-flight!

Dry Shampoo

A travel size can of dry shampoo has saved many a cabin crew’s bad hair day; only one purpose but a crew bag essential to freshen and boost your hair mid flight. Also it is a great standby if you end up in a region where the water is dubious or you just run out of time…

Do you travel with your job? What are your travel essentials? Comment below!




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