6 Benefits of Being a Pessimist

Taking photos sucks. You know why? Because it involves smiling. You’ll completely agree with me if have the same outlook on life as me. You expect the worst and the worst is what usually happens. You don’t see a reason to smile when something will inevitably bring you down and make your frown. In your world, the sun doesn’t shine and gloom is what you have become accustomed to. You are not necessarily sad all the time, but you are definitely not happy. Your emotions are stuck in limbo and you like it that way. It keeps you calm and centered, which is something you think everyone needs to be in their life. People have called you a pessimist and you have embraced it. If being a pessimist means that you are always safe and in control, then you are okay with that.

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Optimism is for dreamers who only ever dream. They never actually reach their goals because they believe they will get “lucky” and something “good” will happen to them. Their wishful thinking and positivity will only lead them to make risky choices that have bad consequences. Optimists are a joke and they seem to think that life is one big joke as well. They giggle too much and take too many selfies. You are a pessimist and you are content with that. When your family tells you that you need to be more optimistic, you stare at them and ask them why. They don’t understand how valuable it is to stay pessimistic. So next time they ask you, give them any reason from the ones below, we are sure that they’ll only be able to agree with you.

1. You are Never Disappointed

Being a pessimist, your expectations are never high. You don’t expect much from your friends and family, and you surely don’t expect to go far in life. Being a pessimist means that you are prepared for the worst, for example imagine that you’ve taken time to plan a fun night out with your friends, if they decide to bail out on you at the last minute you won’t cry because you were prepared for that possibility. So you will neither throw a tantrum, nor hold a grudge.

Being a pessimist means being prepared for disappointments in all aspects of life. Even if your parents decided to divorce after a thirty year old marriage, you won’t be too disappointed. After all, it’s your firm belief that love isn’t forever. Being disappointed is something you’ve never experienced and you are proud of that.  You have seen the face of what dispirited looks like and it doesn’t look like something you would like to go through. Pessimism is saving you from a world of hurt and let downs.

2. You are Prepared for the Worst

Your tendency to only look at the bad side of things makes you the most prepared person ever. There isn’t a disaster you are not ready for. Fall down the stairs? You’ve got it covered. Accidently cut your hand while cooking? You know how to fix that. You’ve just found out that your significant other has been cheating on you with your best friend? You figured as much, but you know the perfect solution for that. Wine. Or beer. Whatever floats your boat.

Your pessimism has become a sort of safety net for you to fall back on and it has helped you to become a person that is ready for the most miserable of outcomes. Even the people criticizing your attitude will eventually see that you were right, unfortunately for them though, this will only happen after they’ve had their heart broken one to many times.  

3. Happy Events Mean More to You

When those rare moments of pure happiness occur, they mean way more to you than they could ever mean to other people. Because you never see the good in people or situations, when things go as planned, you are on cloud nine. Happiness and joy are two things you don’t feel often, so when you are happy, it completely takes you over. That feeling of happiness takes you back, prior to your pessimistic days, to when you would wake up on Christmas morning. So because happiness means more to you, you’re more appreciative, you are thankful and you can’t help but letting the world know. And anyone who’s helped put you in that state is lucky because you’ll be thankful to them for ever more.

4. You Build Awareness

Optimistic people move through life with no filters and without caution. You, on the other hand, have become more aware of your surroundings. You know what to look for when danger approaches or when something is about to go wrong. As you get older and older, you began to realize how dangerous and messed up the world is. You watch the news like it’s your job. You read criminology books and watch forensic science shows more than you probably should. You know how to spot a criminal from a mile away because you are extremely aware. If you had a superpower, it would be to be able to sense danger before it happens.

5. You Save Money

You don’t go out because you know what a waste of time it will be. With your luck, you will probably end up passed out on a corner somewhere. Or you might lose your credit card, or your entire wallet. Someone could literally steal your identity. So you might as well not go out at all. You don’t go to amusement parks because the ferris wheel could break down and kill you. The roller coaster might fly off the rails and decapitate you. You might drown at the waterpark and no one might even notice. And the upside down ride might have a malfunction and the harness might drop you. Your predictions may sound dramatic to others but they are very real to you. Amusement parks are a waste of time and money.

You are saving money by not partaking in the ridiculously expensive antics that could put your life in danger. You say ‘no thanks’ and enjoy a nice quiet evening reading a good book.

6. It has Made You an Independent Person

Your pessimism makes it hard for you to see the light in people. Trusting others doesn’t come easy and you tend to only trust but a few selected people. For that reason, you have become a self-sufficient person. Your independence is a direct result of your negativity towards people and the world. You have realized that you don’t need someone else to make you content with life. You just need yourself and that is good enough for you. Not having to depend on others is a skill that you are proud of.

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There is no doubt that being a pessimist has its downside, but is it really all that important compared to all the benefits? All you know is that you have had a pretty decent life thanks to your outlook on the world. You are able to support and keep yourself safe, while you don’t let others get you down. Being pessimistic doesn’t mean that you are never happy, rather it means that when you are happy you are happier than anyone else on the planet.