6 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

6 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins joomlavision

WordPress ad plugins are very useful for managing sites which incorporate banner ads and other kinds of advertising. They come with great features such as revenue sharing, performance statistics, impression counting, the ability to rotate ads, automated expiration dates, the ability to add third party ads and click tracking. When used properly, these plugins can help in significantly improving your ad revenues.

Here are some of the best WordPress ad plugins in the market:

1. OIO Publisher

This awesome plugin enables advertisers to upload their photos and information directly on your WordPress site. In addition, it allows them to pay for their ad through gateways such as PayPal, Alertpay and Google Checkout. Advertisers can choose a subscription of one month or several months. OIO Publisher allows you to list your ad inventory, run your own affiliate program, send regular reports to advertisers, as well as track clicks and impressions for the ads on your site.

2. Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager allows you to insert ads from more than 15 ad networks on your blog. All you need to do is paste the ad code in your sidebar widget or wherever else you want the ad to appear on your blog. One great feature of this plugin is the ability to create limitations based on page type, tag or author. For instance, you could opt to hide the ads from authors or administrators. In addition, Advertising Manager supports multiple languages and offers a revenue sharing option.

3. Author Advertising

This plugin is ideal for implementing ad revenue sharing programs for authors. The site admin can set the duration for which the ads will appear. You can also decide which kind of author qualifies to enter the revenue sharing program. For instance, you could specify that only authors who have contributed for six months can earn any revenue from their work. The Author Advertising plugin can also come in handy for managing widgets, text and images.

4. Max Banner Ads

Max Banner Ads is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to rotate your ads without the need of editing your codes or theme. This means that every time your page loads, your ads appear in a different position. This enhances the chances of your ad catching the attention of visitors. This plugin also comes with features such as click and impression tracking, a sidebar widget and the ability to upload ad images.

5. BuySellAds (BSA)

The BSA is a very common feature in the ads marketplace. This plugin allows blog owners to display banner ads using a PHP tag or a simple widget. However, before using BSA, you are required to register as a publisher on their site.

6. WP-Insert

Besides managing your ads, WP-Insert can help you monitor your Google Analytics stats, edit your themes, manage your RSS feeds, reorder your WP pages and even manage your site’s privacy policy. It supports several ad networks and allows you to display ads in any position on your site.

Other great WordPress ad plugins available include Post LayoutAdRotateWP125 and OpenX.