6 Bizarre Ideas That Became Successful Businesses

Bringing something innovative and profitable, well as bizarre into this world of diversity does require a good idea, but that is not to say that that idea is all it takes. Thousands of innovations with great potential go to waste every year, because of failure in realization. So what’s the trick? It’s simple, being creative is just not enough, an individual has to be witty, organized and dedicated. That is the only sure way to get you your first million.

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1. Felix Kjellberg

Have you ever heard of Felix Kjellberg? No? It’s okay, that’s a mouthful. How about PewDiePie, does that ring any bells? As the YouTube’s most popular star, he managed to realize a profit amounting to as much as $7 million, over the course of last year. Recording himself while playing videogames, he has reached a mind-boggling number of over 37 million followers. However, his lucrative way of earning is much more than a simple video game sitting session. When you think about it, there’s gotta be something else – and this is true. His wit, charm and eloquence, as well as a long history in video gaming is what made him wealthy and famous. Passion, dedication and talent!

2. Pat Burke and golden dirt

Selling dirt for profit? Yup, it’s true. Hailing from the town of Tipperary, Ireland, Pat was asked to bring a piece of sod to sprinkle on the caskets during funerals on her frequent visits to the United States. And thus, a lightbulb appeared above her head and she came up with an idea to provide Irish dirt for Irish-Americans. Even though it didn’t seem this idea would stick, she had managed to turn a profit larger than that of $1 million in 2006, and has maintained a steady cash flow ever since.

3. Honey tap

Father and son Cedar and Stuart Anderson came up with a clever little device that serves as a tap for collecting honey, thus speeding up this age-old process manifold. This is a prime example of an invention that took a bit more than a good idea and blind luck – it took a knack and skill in handicraft in addition. Raising $1.7 million dollars in the first 24 hours, this parent-son combo literally became millionaires overnight. Comprising plastic honeycomb cells for bees to leave honey in and a lever that splits the wax and makes it pour into a jar using intertwining channels, this amateur invention has made them rich in a matter of hours.

4. Wuvit


Sometimes great ideas come from the purest of intentions. Wuvit was a housewife that simply wanted to make a cool gift for her children in form of pillows. But these pillows had to be special, so she realized that by putting some corn inside them and microwaving the whole thing (yes, microwaving) would make for soft, smooth and cute little pillows on which to rest one’s weary head. A couple of fellow parents’ calls later she realized that this could make for an honest day’s profit, but never had she dreamed that she would become the millionaire she is this very day.

5. Timothy Sykes

A community of over 60,000 traders – this is what Timothy Sykes has given to the world. Using his experience, he created, which has made both him and a few student peers , rich. This man is a solid proof that sometimes skipping classes in exchange for doing something one’s passionate about can pay off in long term. As a student, he used to turn his Bar Mitzvah gift money into 2 million dollars trading penny stocks.

6. Park Seo-Yeon

Okay, I’m sure that our lifestyles are just as weird to most of Asia, just as their ways are to us, but this is gonna make your head spin. Reportedly, the woman in question has made a whole bunch of money off YouTube videos, by simply eating food. Publically known as “The Diva”, she is an attraction for something called “gastro voyeurs”, these apparently are people who find watching other people eat somewhat exciting (and this comes as an understatement). Having quit her full-time job, she now eats for a couple hours a day and turns a huge profit. 

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If you think you have an innovative idea, don’t let it go to waste. Work on it, plan and promote it. It may pay off, and starting small probably won’t prove for a huge loss, should it end up in failure.




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