6 Celebrities Who Had Sales Jobs Before Becoming Famous

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Long before they were the stars we idolize today, celebrities led ordinary lives and had little choice in the jobs they took to earn a living. Some got lucky while in these jobs, while others had to work their way up to get the fame and recognition they enjoy today.

Below is a list of celebs who worked in sales before they were stars:

1. Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp, an Academy Award-winning actor, has the prowess to vary his voice in a manner that leaves the audience in awe, talking about the characters he plays long after the credits roll. However, before he was a box office golden boy, Johnny Depp sold ballpoint pens over the phones convincing unwilling clients that if they spent enough money, they would win a grandfather clock.

2. Kanye West

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As a young man, long before the world talked about his lyrical prowess and over-the-top personality, Kanye West held the position of a sales assistant at Gap, a time he references in his lyrics, “let’s go back, back to the gap”. Kanye, who has become a fashion icon for his personal style and clothing label, spoke about his dream of becoming the head creative director of Gap earlier in the year. The world is watching to see whether he returns to his former employer.

3. George Clooney

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While his good looks have women and men alike going gaga, it is hard to believe that George Clooney worked as a door-to-door insurance salesman. In an interview, he confesses to being so bad at the job that on his first day he sold one policy to a man who died shortly after. He felt like he was ‘pulling the leg’, something he hated about the job. Before that, the famous hunk worked as a shoe salesman immediately after dropping out of college.

4. Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer is living proof that everyone starts from somewhere. In between auditions, she worked for a telemarketing company selling timeshares. While she admits that she was poor at the job, the TV industry is lucky for her role as Rachel on Friends, which made her a beloved comedy queen. Since hanging up the phone for good, she has grown from an actress to a director and producer, appearing both on the silver and big screen.

5. David Letterman

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Since his reentry into television in 1982, David Letterman redefined the silver screen as we know it today. However, in addition to being the class clown throughout his school years, he had a sales job at a grocery shop in his neighborhood while in high school.

6. Jeff Goldblum

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Once upon a time, long before he spent his time in front of the camera, Jeff Goldblum spent his days selling pencils and pens over the phone. He admits that he disliked the job so much it made him sick. Luckily, he followed his passion to pursue a successful career on the big screen and later on the silver screen.

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The former jobs of these celebrities show that everyone starts from somewhere. No matter where you are in life, do not give up. You are destined to be as great as you can be in your profesional endavors.