6 Common Habits of Organised People

We generally assume that organized people are organized simply because they have to-do lists. However, that’s not the case. Although you’ll indeed find that most organized people live by their to-do lists, they also have other features that make them uniquely organized and keep them on top of everything. If you are interested in turning into an organized individual and don’t know how to go about it, we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a list with the six most common habits of organized people.

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1. They Write Everything Down

As we’ve already discussed, the first and most obvious trait is that they always make a to-do list. It’s very important to write everything down, no matter how unimportant something seems. As much as we like to believe in the strength of our memory, if you do not take the time to write everything you need to do down, then you are bound to forget something. Also freeing your mind from trying to memorise these things gives you more space for working productively. But don’t restrict yourself to a simple to-do list. Don’t just write your day to day tasks down; if you ever have an idea, think of something else you need to do or if you’ve finally remembered that thing you spent the whole night trying to remember, write it down straight away. Whether you need to remember to pick something up from the grocery store or the name of someone you talked to today put your pen to paper. Not only will you never forget anything, but this also helps keep your mind free to work at its full potential throughout the day.

2. They Set Goals

We all have goals in life. Keeping things organised can be a way to help us achieve them. Organized people don’t simply wish for things, rather they take the time and energy to take steps towards achieving them. It can be something as simple as keeping your resume up-to-date or having your portfolio in order. Things like this can be really beneficial if you are trying to work towards a certain job or career path. This way when a job you have been waiting for opens up, you are ready to apply, something which will definitely give you a head start from all other candidates. By setting goals, organized people know that it also means that they should give themselves time to get things done and work towards their goals. If your goal is to make your way up the chain at work then you need to show you are good at what you do. Part of this is doing your work on time and doing it well. By planning both when things need to be done and when you are going to do them gives you time to complete them as best you can. Your ability to effectively get things done will definitely impress the people around you.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that being organized means you are an over-achiever. Maybe your goal is simply to spend more time with the people you care about. By keeping your house organized and tidy you’ll always have the time to welcome your loved ones into your home.

3. They Have a Break

Organized people are good in taking breaks. As they have everything planned, they know that they can allow themselves a five minute break every so often. For those of us who are not on the organizing side, when our tasks for the day seem endless, it can be easy to forget to take five minutes to have a break. It is normal for us to think that we simply do not have time to stop. However, taking a break can actually ensure that you remain productive throughout the day.

Just like your body gets tired so can your mind. When you spend all day concentrating and working hard fatigue kicks in, which makes working efficiently all that harder. If you feel unable to concentrate or you feel that your mind is wondering way too much, get up and take a walk, make coffee or get a snack. Whatever you do remember that your brain needs a few minutes to rest and recharge. Take the time to reorganize your work area as this will make you feel better, and plan the rest of your day or the next day making sure that you add a couple of breaks in.

4. They Have Time for the Unexpected

While the organised may have a set list of things they need to get done during the day, they also take into consideration the unexpected. Sure we all like to make fun of them that they are control freaks, however most organized people would tell you that they know that no matter how much you plan, life always throws us curveballs. You need to give yourself time to be able to deal with them. If your schedule is so packed and jumbled that there is no time to deal with little things that might pop up, you will stress yourself out. That’s why organized people don’t freak out when unexpected things occur; they know that they can rearrange their ever so organized schedule so that they can do everything. Take a page from their book and make sure you plan for unexpected things as well, which means don’t make your schedule so tight that you won’t even have time to breathe.

5. They Are Not Perfectionists

From the outside organized people might seem like perfectionists, however the truth is, those who are highly organised actually aren’t perfectionists. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get everything a hundred percent perfect and organized people know that. If you concentrate too hard on perfecting every small detail on everything you do then your list of tasks will just keep piling up. Suddenly you will find yourself severely disorganized. There are some things that need to be pretty spot on, but there are other things which are ok to simple be ok. For example if you are preparing an end of year financial report for work you want to take the time to check as many times as possible that those numbers and figures are correct. However if it’s just a quick meeting agenda do not spend time slaving on it. Do your best, check it once and then move on to your next task.

6. They Have Routines and Rituals

While it is important to not get stuck in a routine, it is good to have some routines you can follow on a daily basis. This will save you both time and energy. For example if you keep to the same routine every morning, then you’ll never be late for work, while you’ll also get everything done. If that means that you need to wake up ten minutes earlier, then make sure that you do. Similarly, if you have an evening routine then you’ll be all set for the next day. You can do things like pre-pack food or have everything you need for the following day together in a pile. Having this evening routine will also help make sure you can actually follow your morning one.

Being highly organised is not some sort of special talent that only certain people are born with. If your life is currently in a state of disarray then there is something you can do about it. Everyone can become an organized and the tips above can help you get there. What other suggestions do you have for becoming more organised in your daily life?

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