6 Companies That Will Pay For Your Tuition

It’s not just a myth: Some companies will pay for you to take classes.

Many workplaces offer tuition reimbursement programs as a way to invest in their current employees and retain high-quality individuals with growing skill sets. Companies see it as smart business; employees see it as a good option to continue professional growth. Technology giants like Google and Apple are famous for their benefits programs, but there are a number of other options for employees seeking education repayment. Landing a job at one of the following companies can help cut down the costs of courses you may wish to take to further your career.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks made headlines when it announced its College Achievement Plan, a program designed with college students and aspiring college students in mind. For the College Achievement Plan, Starbucks partners with Arizona State University to offer full tuition reimbursement for a year’s worth of coursework towards a degree for juniors and seniors; first-years and sophomores are eligible for scholarships and financial aid. Although more beneficial for those in their last two years of college, the program is still unprecedented in the coffee business and could help make a dent in costs for those working at Starbucks during schooling.

2. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo, the banking and financial services giant, has several options for reimbursements, ranging from professional development tuition payback to scholarships for dependent children. Although some restrictions apply—classes must be related to work—Wells Fargo will pay for up to $5000 of employees’ education costs.

3. Smuckers

Smuckers is another company whose benefits program offers unique advantages to its employees. In addition to reimbursing up to 100% of tuition of pre-approved college courses, Smuckers provides for the children of its workers: A $3000 scholarship is available for up to ten recipients in a family. The corporation also offers up to five grand in adoption assistance fees, an uncommon facet of a benefits program.

4. United Technologies

United Technologies offers a generous education program to its workers—a plan that has, according to the company website, helped over 8,000 employees. UTC’s Employee Scholar Program is unique because earned degrees do not necessarily have to relate to an individual’s job at the company; in addition, eligible scholars get paid time off to study, a maximum of three hours a week. The company also covers academic and book fees in addition to tuition at approved universities.

5. UPS

With its Tuition Assistance Program helping more than 113,000 students since 1999, UPS is a strong contender on any tuition reimbursement list. A major bonus of TAP lies in the fact that employees are eligible on the first day of hire; part-time workers are eligible as well, for slightly smaller sums of money. UPS also offers scholarships for children of employees in addition to the yearly $5250 devoted to financial assistance.

6. Ford Motors

Ford Motors’ Salaried Tuition Assistant Program provides generous reimbursement for employees seeking professional development that also fall in line with company interests. STAP offers up to $6000 annually for workers and even more for eligible employees pursuing MBA’s that qualify for the program.

Taking advantage of tuition reimbursement programs offered in benefits packages can be a smart—and, often, underutilized—move. If you’re striving to develop professionally, consider checking out jobs at companies that invest in education programs. You’ll further both your own interests and the interests of your company by putting those reimbursement programs to good use.




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