6 Companies with Surprisingly Awesome Benefits

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The world is full of really crappy jobs. Most of them seem about the same, pay about the same and have more or less the same requirements to practice them: a pulse and no will to live. There is, however, a very specific, very small category of jobs that actually come with amazing – no – MIND-BLOWING benefits. These are six companies everybody wished they worked at!

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1. Netflix (and Weebly)

Companies like Netflix and Weebly don’t track work hours or vacation days. And this quiet disruption of the status quo has proven infinitely beneficial to both companies.

The thinking behind this is that all the hours that are dedicated to figuring out hours and vacation days are hours not spent innovating. So, you can do your work from the comfort of your home or on a beach in Goa as long as your manager knows where you are. Both companies are more preoccupied with results; if you bring innovative, amazing ideas to the table, the company doesn’t care how little or how much time you spent doing it. The caveat is that they demand extraordinary work, and as Netflix states: “Adequate performance gets a generous severance package”. Honestly, though, wouldn’t you choose to do your best when left to your own machinations?

2. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a global, family-owned business that realizes balancing home life and work can be hectic. They also realize that running errands takes away even more time for that precious and delicate balance. Instead of leaving work early or coming in late to pick up the dry cleaning or drop off that library book (those still exist? I know! I’m just as shocked), you can contact the employee concierge and he/she will take care of all your needs. Well, within reason, of course. If you’re looking to score a donkey in a tiny sombrero, you might have trouble, but you know what they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

3. General Mills

If you noticed, I misspelled “serial”, but that was intentional wordplay. The reason I used “cereal”, as in breakfast cereal, is due to the fact that milk-drenched grain peddler General Mills gives all employees upon employment a whopping three weeks’ worth of vacation days. I reiterate: that’s straight out the gate. On top of that (as if almost a month’s worth of vacation days wasn’t enough), General Mills has adopted a very flexible workspace policy allowing its corporate employees to work anywhere within the corporate headquarters or even telecommute when necessary and possible. Also free sugary cereal to your heart’s content, I assume.

4. Mattel

Mattel, the toymakers behind Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, He-man, and Ghostbusters, is not only heavily invested in charitable work but also has amazing and very unconventional benefits for its employees (and no, it does not involve anything with “Masters of the Universe” in the title).

Obviously, since they’re a toy company, they like kids, and they show this by contributing to the adoption fees that employees face when adopting children. But the benefits extend well beyond adopting; when your little tot is in school, Mattel allows employees to take 16 hours a week off to deal with school-related obligations such as field trip chaperoning and parent-teacher conferences. Oh, and they will even pay you to do so. If you are a socially-minded employee, you can give back to the generous company by volunteering for its charity, Mattel’s Children Foundation.


5. Killer Infographics (and Double Encore)

Do you miss your college days, the free prepaid food, the endless hours of gaming, and the wide availability of beer? Sure you do, who wouldn’t? It’s a rare moment in life where your highest priority is learning what you like to learn and keeping yourself happy. Well, there are more and more companies out there catering to this exact mentality in an attempt to keep employees happy, loyal, and doing what they love.

Companies Killer Infographics and Double Encore offer their employees full-blown game rooms with not only run-of-the-mill pub fair (darts, pool, and ping-pong) but also all the latest gaming consoles and classic arcade cabinets. Beyond its gaming room, Killer Infographics also offers employees a climbing wall and two kegerators with locally brewed beer. I’m not sure what the “drinking on the job” policy is here, however – or the “drinking while on the wall” policy, for that matter.

6. Google

Yes, the pioneer, the king, the mad scientist of employee benefits and perks: Google offers more amenities to its employees than a five-star hotel in Monaco does to its guests. You can enjoy gourmet food from locally sourced ingredients – and when I say locally, I mean the on-campus organic farms – and all meals are paid for in the over a dozen cafeterias and dining areas. Of course, you also have gaming rooms for the techies and geeks, napping areas for the overworked, and laundry/dry cleaning services for the impeccably dressed.

Google’s huge Googleplex, which is located in the quiet and picturesque city of Mountain View, California, even has volleyball, soccer, and tennis courts. Now the problem with an excessively sprawling complex is getting from A to B, but don’t worry because Google has free bikes for its employees to use to get around… after you give your car to the valet – yes, you read that right: they have a valet car park for employees.

Much like an infomercial (“but that’s not all!”), they also pay new parents handsomely and throw in a really nice bonus for all those (extremely expensive) baby items!


Have you worked at a company that offered ridiculous employee benefits that would make any normal worker’s head explode with jealousy? Let us know in the comments section below! Actually, you know what? Just don’t, you envious bastard.

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