6 Consequences of Spending Too Much Time in the Office Bathroom

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The Bathroom. The Restroom. Your sanctuary. No matter what you call it, it’s all the same. You relieve yourself, get ready for bed, and start your day in the bathroom. Everything you do in the privacy of your personal bathroom is your business. There is no one around to judge you, unless you live with judgmental roommates. You are on your own time and you are the one that has to clean it when it gets too disgusting. 

Using the bathroom at work is a different story. Some companies have bigger bathrooms, with individual stalls. These bathrooms have more room but still lack privacy. Smaller firms may only have one bathroom for both genders. Your time spent in that bathroom is scrutinized to the maximum. The office restroom is not your sanctuary and you should try not to visit it too often. Spending ample time in the office bathroom can be detrimental to your career and here are six consequences of spending too much time in the office bathroom. 

1. You are Lazy

You might not be lazy but you will definitely be perceived as a lazy person if you make the bathroom your office. Your supervisor will get the feeling that you either don’t know how to do your job. or you that you simply don’t care enough to do your job. Either way, you are seen as a bad seed and bad seeds are no good to a thriving business. 

2. You Have Digestive Issues

Your colleagues will start to think that you might have issues with your stomach. They will think that you can’t handle different kinds of food or have a small bladder. They might even believe you to be hung over. All of those rumors lead to you being uninvited to every work outing. Say bye-bye to the company picnic. 

3. Colleagues Start to Hate You

If you work for a smaller company with one bathroom, you will become the most hated person in the office. By spending too much time in the bathroom, you could be keeping others from doing their jobs. Most people lack patience and you staying in the bathroom for too long, is not helping them with that. 

4. You're Into Drugs

The rumors start flying and some of them are that you are dealing drugs in the bathroom, taking drugs in the bathroom, or both. Going to the restroom often is pretty sketchy. What do you expect people to think?

5. You’re a Narcissist

You’re coworkers believe you only go to the bathroom when you need to check yourself out. The word around the office is that you are a selfish, superficial snob. You may end up looking nice at work but your co-workers won’t care and will think your personality sucks. 

6. Nicknames

Some nicknames are cool but others are not. Recently, I had a friend tell me that she was called the Doo Doo Queen because she spent too much time in the bathroom. No one wants to be called the Doo Doo Queen or any other degrading names. That’s just embarrassing. 

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Sometimes it’s hard to avoid going to the bathroom frequently, as it is also a way to clear your mind and start fresh after your one or two minute break. If you don’t care about these consequences, then feel free to use it as often as you please.

Do you have a co-worker that spends a little too much time in the bathroom? What do you think about them?