6 Daily Habits to Detoxify your Career

Every single day presents a new opportunity for us to start over and experience a new beginning. However, many are yet to reach that point in life where they actually look forward to work each and every day. Impossible you say? Well that explains why those that do experience this on a daily basis appear to live in a separate reality from our own. Rain or shine, you’ll never see them in a foul mood. Yet, everyone experiences ups and downs at work, so how do these people manage to stay positive all the time? Does this have anything to do with magic? Certainly not. But the experience of newness with each passing day is truly magical. However, peace, joy and contentment cannot be experienced if one has clogs of career issues to sort out. From these comes a rollercoaster of mood swings that inevitably alter the mind’s state at work. However, all this can change if one finds time to implement these six very simple daily habits that will certainly go a long way in detoxifying your career.

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1. Experiment on Relaxation Techniques

When we talk of relaxation techniques, one can’t help but mention yoga. It is indeed helpful from my experience. But some spontaneity would certainly bring about a rich sense of relaxation and adventure as well. If you are looking to do something fun, cycling and swimming are the first to come to mind, as well as jogging. You could also find some free time to lift a few weights at the gym if you like. For consistency, you should actually come up with a weekly time table and assign activities to different days of the week. Also, learn to take relaxation seriously and to be punctual about it. That daily energy boost will go a long way in alleviating any spasms of negativity that tends to toxify your career on a daily basis.

2. Deal With Habitual Distractions

Many of our career disappointments have a lot to do with misaligned energy. Relaxation techniques bring about freshness. They recalibrate your energy by phasing out any negativity that threatens to derail your focus at work. But that energy is likely to be dissipated the wrong way if one tends to fall victim to distractions. These distractions gradually cultivate indiscipline, lateness and ineffectiveness among other bad habits. We’ve all experienced these situations from time to time so I’m pretty sure everyone can relate. Note them down and then go back to step number 1. It will help you reflect on these distractions and in that moment of perfect peace and tranquility, you’ll know the trigger and seek ways to remedy the situation.

3. Consider Your Career Resolutions

What career resolutions did you make when the year began? No clue? Then how about the ones that you made last week in that career seminar, or last month when you decided to go for that promotion? If you’ve forgotten these resolutions, it’s not my intention to make you feel bad. Instead, just become aware of what you could have achieved if you had given them daily attention. Take just a few minutes every day in your spare time to sit down with a pen and a paper. Take time to brainstorm on your career resolutions as well as the effectiveness they’ve had on your daily career progress. When you become conscious of your career resolutions on a daily basis, then that in itself becomes the motivating factor that gives purpose and motivation to your career. The usual worry and uncertainty about the future that is currently plaguing most people will do nothing for you, so take your career resolutions in serious consideration and you will manage to achieve more.

4. Organize and Declutter for Ease and Efficiency

If you’re not careful, any form of disorganization has the potential to upset you. For instance, let’s say you woke up late for a meeting but you didn’t iron your clothes last night because you were caught up in a certain event. You will probably go about your day worrying about your clothes which could potentially distract you and hinder your productivity. As you can see, one small detail has the potential to ruin your entire day’s schedule. By being and remaining organized, consistency ceases to be a myth. Doing the right thing at the right time and sticking to your schedule no matter what is a habit you should develop as it is guaranteed to bring about satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the day. It may sound obvious, but the smooth running of the day to day affairs will certainly motivate you to stay organized for the long haul. On the other hand, you might want to declutter on a few activities like watching too many movies or attending too many parties and so on. And above all it is important that you get enough sleep and that you are well rested each and every day.    

5. Cater to Your Personal Wellbeing

By this I mean that you have got to be in a healthy and comfortable state throughout the day. Hygiene is important, but then again that is an understatement. I personally prefer to own my destiny and dress as I would like to be addressed. That makes things easier for me. Also learn to eat healthy and strong. This may sound so obvious until you realize the amount of unhealthy toxins that have invaded our foods thanks to controversial genetic modification among other things. Then of course, your relationships need to be balanced. Stick to your close friends, especially if your daily schedule is really tight. But remember, family is always important. Pay your bills, take out the garbage and do everything that you are supposed to do. In short, if you want a smooth life, own it.

6. Motivate Yourself With Positive Mantras

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and in this case, prevention is better than cure. Earlier on we mentioned how the neglect of a single personal task has the potential to ruin your entire day at work. The same can be said about workplace. It could be an annoying client pouring all their pent up anger on you or it could be a project running late. These push and shove challenges can in fact put you off-balance and set you in a pretty bad mood for the rest of the day.

However, by having a few motivation mantras on your fingertips, you’ll be able to calm down and focus despite the upheavals you might face from time to time. You could also use reminders on your phone or computer to schedule motivational mantras throughout the day especially if your career involves sailing rough waters of hardship and frustration. Others prefer decorating the office with motivational art for the entire staff, something which I think is quite noble considering the fact that nowadays everyone is only interested in themselves.

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Many have compromised on their career momentum simply because their career wellbeing was not kept in check on a daily basis. But then again, disappointments in the career world today have become an accepted norm and most workplaces don’t really boast of fond memories. Many factors can be blamed in that regard but still, the bottom line remains -work with what you have. It’s ultimately your life. Only you know what’s best to thrive and prosper consistently on a daily basis. Thus, by following these very simple steps, you’re likely to change your career cumulatively and turn your fortunes around one step at a time. As the saying goes, a little goes a long way.